The 3 Big Reasons Why Native Advertising Supercharges your Strategy

November 14, 2016

Native content is one of the next big things to hit the internet and it’s shaping the way businesses reach their audiences in a new way. Simply put, native content means a brand has paid for an article to appear on a news site or blog.

But it doesn’t look like advertising – in fact, it might not even mention the brand at all. That’s because native advertising has a special skill, and that’s its ability to blend into the content around it. The content should be valuable and should not come across as advertising at all.

So what are the benefits for your business, and why should you engage in a native advertising strategy?

Secure a guaranteed readership

Rather than publishing on your own website, which might not have much of a following, tap into the sites that have already built a readership. This might be a news-style site like Buzzfeed, or an independent blog that welcomes contributions. When you leverage their power, you won’t have to worry about finding your own following; all you’ll have to do is write compelling content.

Your readers will actually want to listen

How many times have you put the TV on mute during the ad break? There is a reason that we tune out when people start to hard sell things to us, and that’s because it’s a one-way street and we’re not involved.

Instead, content marketing captures the audience and draws them into a conversation that they’re interested in. They’re likely to share the content with their friends, and integrate the tips into their everyday. And that’s step number one in building a lasting relationship with your key audience.

You’ll have a content and marketing expert on hand

News outlets like Buzzfeed even have their own native advertising divisions, dedicated to working with brands to create compelling content. What this means is that you will be able to get advice from someone who has seen it all. If you’re having trouble making sense of something, they will be there to help you. If you want to work out strategies for reaching new audiences, they’ll be on your side.

Put simply, you won’t have to play the content marketing game alone.