3 Top Digital Ways to Entice Customers to your Brick-and-Mortar Business

November 30, 2016

Many brick-and-mortar businesses are great at attracting foot traffic through the door, but aren’t so good at promoting their online presence. They may even wonder why they bother to have a digital presence at all if it’s not providing demonstrable value at the point of sale.

But a savvy set of digital tools can be very useful for attracting new customers and retaining existing ones. With digital marketing, you can even turn an occasional shopper into a loyal devotee of your physical business.

So, what tools are available at your digital fingertips to attract customers – new and old – and set your business apart from the rest?

Become part of their everyday life

It’s true that your clients are busy, and you need to truly make your presence known if you want a spot in their daily schedule. Remain front of mind by making it even easier for your customers to book your services.

Try integrating a custom calendar-based booking tool into your website. This works well for businesses that are built around appointments – for instance, doctors’ clinics, fitness studios and hairdressers. Furthermore, it means potential customers can book even when your business has closed for the day. Never miss a potential booking with these on-demand calendar integrations!

Give loyal customers a reason to return

It’s a concept that’s as old as time, but has recently gotten a digital refresh. Loyalty cards have now been digitised, meaning that customers can collect points on purchase and redeem them for fancy rewards, all using a mobile app.

If you have a café, you could tap into the power of mobile apps like Skip, which records customers’ coffee buying habits in their handheld devices. With such apps, your customers won’t have to worry about carrying around a stack of paper, and will be able to see their points add up on their mobile screen. It’s a win-win that will keep them coming back in pursuit of an eventual free coffee.

Land in their inbox for an intimate connection

If there’s one tool customers gravitate to above all others, it’s their email inbox. Let’s face it: they get up-to-the-minute push notifications about new emails and, if a subject line catches their eye, they’ll be sure to click through to read more.

Done right, email direct marketing (EDM) helps you remain at the forefront of their mind and is the perfect way of informing them of new deals, blog posts and product launches. Once you have their email address, you can use that to invite them back in-store for exclusive, subscriber-only events.

These are just three ways you can make the digital world work for your real-world business – and there are plenty more out there. Give these a try and they’ll be sure to send some foot traffic scurrying in your direction.