3 Ways to Use Instagram’s Poll Feature in Business

October 19, 2017

The well-loved visual sharing platform has recently released a new feature that has quickly become a staple within Instagram Stories, and that is the ability to create your own poll. With this, users can pose questions to their followers, thereby generating discussion with and gaining feedback from those who view their stories.

It’s simple to interact with and even easier to create. Pose a question, add two answer options and add it into your story. From there, your followers will tap the answer they believe to be the best and you will gain a percentage read of results.

Breaking it Down

It’s pretty easy to include a poll within your Instagram Story. Simply take a photo or video, click the sticker icon and choose the option ‘poll’.

From there, you will be able to develop a question and alter the answers to suit the necessary options.

Although it has been used to decide whether to get chocolate or vanilla ice-cream, what top to wear on a particular day, or to allow followers to choose what they would like to see from their favourite influencer, businesses can benefit from the feature too.

Here are three ideas on how businesses can use the poll feature on their Instagram page.

1. Insight Analysis

Although the poll feature only allows for two options to be addressed, it can be used as a way to gain insight from your audience. You can gain information about your audience, their preferences, and how they would like to interact with your brand.

Through your use of polls, you can discover how to best craft content that resonates with them, as well as gain a direct insight into what they would like to see from your brand next.

2. Audience Interaction

Instagram is an easy platform to boost interaction with your followers. Through the new feature, audiences can feel more connected to your brand, especially when you leave a choice completely up to them. This can be anything – from helping you choose a new logo design to deciding your next blog topic. Depending what question is posed, you can also use the Instagram poll to boost sales by giving customers exactly what they ask for.

This can be seen when asking your customers what they would like to see in your online shop, or what service they would like a 10% sale on that week, or simply what they would like to see in the future.

This deepens the connection between brand and audience by showing that you are listening to their requests.

More than that, if you are holding an event that is projected through Instagram or showcased on your Instagram Story, you can allow your audience to join in on the day. You can combine the poll feature with the official hashtag for the event to drive interaction, or add a geolocation to get more of a localised response.

3. General Feedback

The poll feature’s ease of engagement and interaction means that informal feedback is simple to gain. Asking simple questions such as ‘have you liked our content lately’ or ‘do you like X product/service’ can generate valuable responses that can help you improve your business. As the poll disappears within 24 hours of posting, it means that there is a relative immediacy to the response, and decisions can be made to benefit your brand now.

Instagram polls have made it easier for businesses to gain an easy insight into the way they are perceived by their online followers. Try out the new feature for yourself!