4 Key Ingredients to a Successful Consumer Mobile App

October 11, 2016

There’s no denying that the app economy rakes in an incredibly fruitful revenue – after all, apps are considered a vital tool for consumer businesses these days. However, there has to be a cut-off point between those apps that are actually getting noticed, and those that filter into a void of tumbleweeds and lost dreams.

It may sound like an ominous doom, but don’t fret: there are a few cornerstones that can set you on the right path to reaping in that highly-coveted mobile app success.

Identify a problem in the market and find a way to solve it

The tech industry is essentially built upon innovation. Innovation can come in two forms: solving an intrinsic problem, or enhancing a current solution. Take Apple for instance – the global tech giant didn’t invent the mobile phone, but it did turn it into something very marketable and appealing to consumers.

In this way, successful apps find ways to improve situations for their users. This doesn’t mean you have to come up with a completely new game-changing idea, but to simply recognise gaps in the market and to seize them.

Make your app an intuitive and user-friendly experience

While innovation is refreshing, you want to offer your market something they don’t have to work too hard to acclimatise to. Essentially, users should be able to work out how to use your app within minutes, if not seconds, with little to no guidance. Usability is a huge pillar when it comes to creating an app people will actually take to, so it’s a good idea to study apps that have already proven successful and adopt their formats to safeguard familiarity for the user.

Additionally, it’s vital that you ensure your app is bug-free. Reports have shown that only 16 per cent of users will have another go at an app that has failed more than twice.

Don’t forget about Android

It can be easy to get caught up in the buzz of the latest iPhone, but it’s important to include Android in your app roadmap. Make sure you are catering to all audiences by designing an app that is translatable across both canvasses.

Be savvy with your marketing – get onto it in advance

Many people make the mistake of waiting until their app has been developed before working out how to actually market it to their audience. One of the keys to attracting customers is to start promoting your app well before it has even hit the store.

The best way to market an app is to stay within the digital sphere: create an app store profile page, get yourself on social media, and set up a website. While we recommend you enlist the help of professionals, there are also some great free ways to advertise your latest offering. You’ll want to employ stunning imagery and keyword-rich language that frames your app as a professional, revolutionary and high-end product.

By ticking off these boxes, you can truly make a long-lasting impression in the competitive app market.