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4 Ways to Wear Technology in 2017

November 23, 2017

Technology is becoming smaller and smaller, to the point where it’s being seamlessly included into our everyday lives. In fact, wearable technology is fast becoming the norm, with new items created daily.

Just today, articles were released stating that Deakin scientists are creating a fabric that can hold electricity. The fabric, known as MXene, is very conductive, flexible and strong. You could soon be wearing pants that could, at the very least, charge your smart devices. But there’s no telling what else they could make possible in the future.

Wearable technology is only expanding, but before it does, we want to highlight some of the most interesting ways that you can wear tech in the here-and-now.

1. Smart Shoes

For the sports fanatic who wants to keep ahead, you can now connect your shoes to a mobile app to monitor your activity. From Nike to Under Armour, major sports brands have introduced little digital chips that can be planted into the soles of shoes, allowing users to monitor all physical activity easily, including time, duration, cadence, distance and splits. It also recommends to the user when they should replace their shoes. The accompanying app then tracks all this information seamlessly, allowing the user to grab real-time information about their athletic stats.

Then, there is the brand Digitsole, which is recreating the way we interact with our footwear. The company is still in its early phases, with only a few products listed within the store (only one for sale at this current stage). These products range from a digitally heated insole that allows users to choose an optimal temperature for their shoes, to the Digitsole Smartshoe, which automatically fastens itself to the user, tracks their movements and health, and allows the user to regulate the temperature (amongst other features). It’s safe to say we may be wearing robots on our feet in no time at all!

2. Myontec MBody Connected Shorts

If the shoes weren’t enough for your new high-tech gym workout, then maybe you need to look into some new gym shorts that provide a more advanced look at your training. Myontec MBody shorts monitor a user’s heart rate data and track their cadence, distance and speed, whilst also monitoring muscle activity. Simply slip into these shorts and have your whole workout regime changed.

3. Smart Jacket by Google, Jacquard and Levi

At a distance, it could pass off as a normal denim jacket: stylish black washed denim that could be the perfect addition to any outfit. You wouldn’t know, however, that the Smart Jacket by Google is one that has technology laced within it. The end of the left sleeve is where the interactive touchpad lies for users to interact with. Thanks to a rechargeable Bluetooth tag clipped onto the sleeve, the jacket allows wearers to control audio, take calls and get directions through a simple tap of the sleeve.

Although it doesn’t yet include larger monitoring capabilities, it could be just the beginning of a tech-wearable future.

4. Virtual Reality Headsets

One of the biggest and most popular wearable tech products are virtual reality headsets – the latest trend that’s shifting the way we interact with the world around us. From gaming to business, VR has now shaped the way we visually immerse ourselves into the technological world, transforming the world around us into a digitally-enhanced platform. With the aid of VR headsets, you could be moving through the world depicted in your video game in real-time, or virtually walking clients through their new home. It allows us to use technology to create an incredibly large virtual platform to engage with – creating whole worlds around us with the use of a computer. With the popularity of these only on the rise, we are sure to see massive things in the VR space in the future.

Looking back at the first forms of wearable tech (think calculator watches circa 1980s), we now have a variety of wearables at our disposal that can monitor our health status and receive phone calls. Technology is expanding at a rapid rate, meaning that the possibilities are somewhat endless as to what we can create and achieve.

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