5 Apps That Will Boost your Time Management Skills

October 6, 2017

There are some people who walk into meeting rooms 10 minutes early, and others that run towards the door within seconds of a meeting starting. In any case, time management is a skill that is greatly refined over years and can benefit your lifestyle greatly.

You don’t want to walk out of work each night with piles of paperwork still to tackle. After all, it’s not good for anyone to lack a healthy work/life balance. Here is a list of apps that can help you find your daily routine!

1. Focus@Will

When you try to zone out, you may be one of the many people who turn to music. Whether you have the right tunes pumping out is the question, and Focus@Will may provide you the answer.
Coming in two formats – one for desktop and one for mobile – this app is reachable wherever you need it. It works by assessing how sounds affect our ability to focus; more accurately, what type of music allows our brains to switch over to a ‘hyper-focused’ state.

The app provides a quiz at its initial stages that determines what type of music is your ideal focus music. From there, it will give you a playlist that, when played in the correct order (they’ve already worked that out), will help you switch your brain into focus mode.

By listening to your suggested playlist, it is said that you will reduce outside distractions, achieve your best work and use your time efficiently.

If music is where you escape to, it may be worth trying out!

Image source: Focus@Will

2. Evernote

Things get left behind when you’re in a rush. This app saves your back. Evernote is a way to organise and store your notes, allowing you to access them wherever you may be.

There are options to sign up for free, but if you need more extensive planning and organisation, then one of the three packages they offer may be for you. It provides you a way of categorising different types of documents on the platform and have them on-the-go through your phone – from to-do lists and sticky notes to recorded meetings and mountains of paperwork. Evernote may be exactly what you need to clean up your desk and manage your time.

3. Self Control

It seems that if you are reading this blog, you may need a little bit of self-control. It is so hard to focus when there are TV shows to be watched, games to be played and people to talk to. Self Control gives you the discipline you need.

This app blocks all those procrastination sites that you scroll through endlessly when you should be working. All you have to do is select an amount of time you want to be undisturbed, and the app will block your access to the sites in question. Even if you delete the app or turn your computer off and on, the sites will remain blocked until the time period is up.

4. Workflow

This customisable app allows you to reschedule your life according to the time you have. Basically, Workflow allows users to create homescreen shortcuts on their phone that will perform numerous tasks with a simple tap. It’s kind of like creating your own miniature app inside of your phone through the Workflow platform, and customising it to make aspects of your life easier. No matter if you need Google Maps to pull up directions to an address automatically or you need your camera roll backed up on Dropbox, you can do it easily thanks to this app.

With over 200 actions available, and platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Uber integrated within, Workflow may be just what you need. It cuts down the wasted time spent achieving menial tasks throughout the day, instead allowing you to automate these in a straightforward way. Shaving time through shortcuts has never been simpler.

Image source: Workflow

5. Trello

If you are looking for a way for your whole team to become more time-efficient, then Trello is where you need to go. It is a project management platform that allows for visual collaboration and contributions.

Trello allows users to create different digital bulletin boards. Instead of documents, pictures and information being lost in a sea of emails, people can easily upload these to the appropriate Trello board and tag the relevant members. Team members are able to see all cards and add comments, checklists, attachments and other custom labels that allow workers to stay organised and on the same page.

This interactive platform will help your team with the overall management of tasks, and may help you get the answers needed to progress on a project in a quicker way. Every business is different, and Trello allows you to adapt the platform to your team or business’s individual needs.

At a glance, you can gain an understanding of where the whole team is at. Get on the same page with your team by looking at Trello today.

Everyone struggles with time management at one time or another, but these platforms are revolutionising the way that we divvy out our time. It may be worth trying out one of these if you are looking to improve your scheduling and have more time for yourself at the end of the day. After all, there is always a TV show waiting for you to watch, and it is always better when it’s guilt-free.