5 Effective Social Media Tactics to Adopt this Halloween

October 28, 2016

While once considered an American tradition, Halloween has become quite the celebration here in little old Australia, with plenty of people (particularly of the Gen Y and Z demographics) dressing up and embracing the festivities.

Its globalisation can be largely credited to social media: the number one vehicle for mobilising trends across the world. As such, brands can capitalise on fruitful business opportunities by joining in on the online conversation this spooky season.

However, in order to really capitalise on Halloween for your business, you need to strategise. Here are five key ways to make the most of the holiday via your social media channels.

1. Post photos of your team in costume

It’s always fun when you get to ditch your corporate wear for a costume! Invite your staff to celebrate Halloween by dressing up, then post your images (or better yet, a photo collage) on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. It’s a great opportunity to portray the personality of your business, while also building team morale.

2. Get around Snapchat’s geo-filters

If Instagram’s not really your thang, why not give Snapchat a go? Delegate a team member to go around the office taking snaps and videos which they can then tailor with the Halloween-themed geo-filters this popular app offers. Building a Snapchat profile for your company is one of the best ways to give your brand a human touch, so why not show your clients your ‘fun side’?

3. Host a ‘best-dressed’ competition for your followers

If you’d rather not put the spotlight on yourself, you can always invite your clients or customers to post their scariest snaps and tag your business in their captions. Of course, you’ll want to provide some incentive, so offer a special deal for the winners and watch the posts come flooding in.

4. Advertise a seasonal discount

Let your clients know that you’re getting amongst the Halloween rigour by posting a themed ad spruiking a seasonal special. You don’t even need to be a pro graphic designer – online services like Canva offer free design templates that you can customise with your own images and text, complete with various Halloween themes.

5. Most importantly: add the #Halloween hashtag to your posts

Always remember to accompany your posts with the relevant hashtags, as this is the best way to optimise your chances of getting seen in the fiercely competitive social media arena.

While Halloween is traditionally about scaring people off, in the case of business, it’s a great excuse to attract new clients and customers to your products and services. Make the most of it by getting social media savvy, and watch your virtual audience grow and your brand recognition soar!