5 of Our Favourite Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

July 27, 2016

Podcasts: they’re a great way to keep up-to-date on all things marketing without diverting attention from other important things. Reading the news or delving into a book saps time from your other tasks, while you can listen to a podcast while at the gym, waiting in line or while in the shower.

Just by choosing a few worthy podcasts for your subscription list, you’ll be able to fill your ears with industry insights on a daily basis. That said, here are our top 5 podcasts for time-poor, business-savvy listeners out there.

‘Xero Gravity’ (formerly Xero In)

By now, you might have heard of Xero, a local answer to cloud-based accounting software that aims to make bookkeeping seamless. Having grown to a massive size in just a decade, it’s safe to say that Xero’s staff know small business.

The podcasts are interviews with Australian and New Zealand business owners, focusing on how they grew their business from the start-up stage. With everyone from the founder of T2 and beyond, you’re sure to encounter some inspiring stories.

‘Content Inc with Joe Pullizi’

In bite-sized podcast chunks, the world-famous founder of the Content Marketing Institute takes you through all things content. Learn how to improve your writing, your content marketing and your audience engagement with big effects.

You’ll have access to actionable, five-minute podcasts at the click of a button. Upgrade your content writing and marketing strategies with one of the masters.

‘The Growth Show’ by HubSpot

For a little bit more business inspiration, turn to The Growth Show, a weekly interview podcast from the digital marketing giants, HubSpot. Although it’s more focused on businesses across the pond, rather than in the Asia-Pacific region, the podcast gives great insight into how big businesses got to where they are.

WNYC’s ‘Freakonomics’

Less actionable and more interesting, this hour-long podcast delves into all things economics and data. But, unlike the dry econ textbooks you might remember from your school days, host Stephen Dubner makes everything interesting with colourful stories that are sure to delight. With such a creative approach to economics, it’s almost like you’re not learning at all.

Social Media Marketing Happy Hour

Look, it doesn’t go for a whole 60 minutes, but the amount of marketing insight packed into this quarter-hour podcast will have you hanging out for more. And good news, because the professional podcast is released five times per week. If you’re an entrepreneur looking to shake up your social media game, this one is for you.