5 Mobile Tech Trends Predicted to Power Forward in 2017

December 14, 2016

December is quickly wrapping up, and before we know it we’ll be bidding farewell to 2016. It was the year of the controversial wireless earphone; the burst in augmented reality gaming apps (*cough* Pokémon Go *cough*); and an overwhelming surge in mobile traffic.

As we fast approach the new year, we’re scoping out out some of the top trends that will likely grace our beloved handheld devices in 2017.

So without any further ado, here’s your sneak peek, ‘advanced screening’ into the world of mobile technology for 2017.

1. More and more small businesses will jump aboard the mobile bandwagon.

While plenty of large corporate chains have readily embraced the mobile age, 2017 is expected to be the year of small businesses really capitalising on the benefits offered by apps. In fact, a survey conducted by B2B research company Clutch indicated that nearly 50% of small businesses will have a mobile app in 2017. Pretty impressive, considering the current stats sit at around just 20%.  As an app development company, we are embracing this boom with gusto!

2. Augmented reality and virtual reality will gain more market traction.

The Pokémon Go craze that gripped digital users just a few months ago is only a precursor to what we expect next year to bring in terms of AR and VR. Taking a step aside from entertainment and promotional purposes, this kind of technology will likely be applied to useful tasks as a way to engage with millennial customers. Augmented reality + utility apps = the ultimate ‘power couple’, anyone?

3. Location-based services will soar to greater heights.

We place huge priority on geographical convenience these days, with location-based services (LBS) proving to be a winner for digital audiences this year. As such, we can only predict that 2017 will continue pushing for LBS apps and taking them to new levels, enabling customers to take advantage of real-time offers based on their physical whereabouts.

4. App revenue is expected to rise to $77 billion.

Let’s face it: the mobile app industry is booming at an unstoppable rate. Current figures show us that apps are projected to reap in a whopping $77 billion of revenue for businesses next year – a number sure to get a digital marketer’s heart pumping. While 268 million mobile apps are expected to be downloaded, this kind of cashola isn’t just generated from downloads; it’s a result of the marketing magic apps can conjure for businesses.

5. IoT apps will spread across industries (including health, education, security and automobiles).

The Internet of Things is rapidly infiltrating the way we go about our daily business, making life much easier thanks to machine-to-machine communication. We’ve already seen Smart Home devices and smartwatches rise to popularity; it’s no wonder, then, that apps catering to IoT will dominate 2017. The potential for businesses to capitalise on this kind of mobile technology is truly enthralling, and we can’t wait to see what will pan out over the next 12 months…