5 Questions to ask if You’re Unsure About Hiring an SEO Technician

October 23, 2016

SEO – search engine optimisation – lies at the heart of professional website design and development. Essentially, it’s what determines how a website ranks on Google. Unlike pay-per-click advertising, SEO generates organic leads that are based upon search terms (the words you plug into Google’s search engine bar).

The world of SEO is highly complex and intricate, encompassing many different crevices: from employing competitive keywords to creating efficient backlinks. Thus, it takes a team of professional SEO technicians to effectively craft an optimised web campaign.

Naturally, however, many people still umm and ahh over the idea of investing in SEO. After all, unlike those practical age-old trades such as plumbing and carpentry, it can be hard to wrap your head around the need for such services. Is it really worth it?

If you’re still feeling hesitant about SEO, it’s best to ask yourself the following questions:

Does your business name come up on Google?

This is a simple test you can do yourself – just punch your business name into the search engine and assess whether it comes up or not. If you find that you aren’t showing up, it’s a good idea to employ the services of an SEO technician, who can take a look at your digital strategy and work out how to get your business name appearing (before you go and do a total overhaul of your branding).

Does your business come up within the first three pages of Google upon entering relevant search words and phrases?

You want to be recognised online for the products and services you are offering, therefore it’s imperative that your website incorporates keywords relating to your business. While there’s a damn good chance you are naturally scattering these throughout your content anyway, an SEO technician can determine which words and phrases are most competitive, where to insert them, and the ideal number of words to include on each page.

Has your website been penalised?

Often, those who aren’t across SEO practices are susceptible to accidentally employing black-hat SEO techniques that simply don’t adhere to Google’s guidelines. As a result, certain pages may be banned, leaving them to collect dust in Google’s rejection pile. If you find that you’ve been penalised, an SEO technician knows how to play by the rulebook to get your carefully-curated web pages appearing on Google once more.

Is your website generating leads?

If you have managed to tick the previous three boxes, you still need to ask yourself if your website is managing to convert traffic into sales. While you might have secured an enviable SERP (search engine results page) position, there’s not much point if people are bouncing from your website without taking action. An SEO technician has the skills to dissect and strategise the best way to turn clicks into sales.

Can you understand Google Analytics?

Google’s technical algorithms are perpetually-evolving, and the fierce surge of new businesses appearing online every day means you need to monitor your website’s position and performance frequently. The best way to do this is via Google Analytics, a handy free tool accessible to everyone. However, this data can be tricky to get your head around if you’re not clued up on SEO techniques and digital lingo. In this case, it’s a good idea to book a chat with an SEO consultant.