Trish O'Loughlin

6 November 2016

5 Reasons Why Apps are the Latest-and-Greatest Marketing Weapon

Let’s face it: the world of marketing is a heavily evolving industry that metamorphises with the times. The most effective ways to spruik your message to consumers directly correlates with the most popular medium of the moment.

Over the years, we’ve seen marketers capitalise on the art of propaganda posters, billboards, television ads and a plethora of other advertising measures. These days, however, it’s all about the mobile phone.

Recent stats show that adults spend a third of their day on their phones

It’s fairly obvious how attached society has become to our mobile phones. These pocket-sized devices are super convenient, perfect for whipping out on public transport, in queues, while waiting for a friend, or even on the loo. As a result, we spend a huge chunk of our time scrolling through our phones, and 90 per cent of that time is spent scouring apps.

What does this mean for marketers?

Quite simply, mobile apps are the best place to get your business noticed by your target audience. Certainly, a core reason for this is because of their sky-high popularity, but apps also perform many ideal marketing functions in a subtle, convenient and consumer-friendly way.

Let’s take a look at the top five reasons why apps are the ideal new frontier of marketing, and what kind of business targets they can effectively spearhead.

1. Business can take place anywhere, any time

Whether it’s a spot of window shopping or the intent of making a purchase, these kinds of activities are much more convenient if they can be performed while on-the-go. Apps encourage consumers to shop around or research services and products when they’re looking for time to kill, therefore strongly boosting the potential for customers to interact with your business.

2. Apps attract repeat visitors

By making your business easily accessible 24/7, you are much more likely to craft a loyal customer base. Think about it – your go-to choice of café is often based on its convenience of access to you; perhaps it’s in your office building, or around the corner from your home. Similarly, businesses with apps have a much greater chance of garnering repeat customers simply because of their ease of accessibility.

3. Timely and personalised notifications can be delivered to consumers

With the added ability to send periodic notifications or coupon codes to users’ phones, apps enable businesses to prompt consumers to visit their virtual store and take advantage of their latest deals on offer. These could be deals that align with upcoming holidays and special occasions, or they might be special offers that are a little more personal – after all, the beauty of apps is that they can be programmed in such a way as to monitor the user’s preferences and behaviours, sending gentle nudges when a special deal that matches their interests becomes available.

4. Small businesses can benefit from local search engine optimisation

These days, most people search for businesses locally. Our mobiles are hardwired with GPS trackability that ensures we can always find the closest and therefore most convenient option available to us. In this way, mobile app development is ideal for businesses such as local food order joints, helping to advertise your services and once again build up that base of repeat customers.

5. Apps outline a specific purpose from the outset

While a professionally-polished website is highly valuable for initially introducing consumers to your business, apps are much more niche and to-the-point. At times, this is all consumers are looking for – a quick way to make a purchase. Mobile apps are tailored to deliver a certain kind of experience: they are centred upon a clutter-free interface where the customer’s intended actions can be performed in just a few quick taps of the button.

Keeping up-to-date with the cutting-edge of marketing is paramount to helping your business grow. Do yourself a favour: find out what kind of B2C apps are already garnering success in your industry, and work out how your business can capitalise on this powerful marketing vehicle.


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