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5 Tips to Enhance Your Business’ Social Media Presence

January 18, 2018

When it comes to growing your business, nowadays social media is the way to go. Some people even start out their business solely on social media before building a site, just to boost their brand name and target specific audience (though, we don’t recommend that!).

Social Media is powerful – there’s no denying that – but when used incorrectly, it can make virtually zero change to your business.

To help you not only build your business’ social media presence, but build a converting platform, we’ve provided a few simple tips that you can follow.

  1. Be Real

Of all ways to boost social media presence, this way is one of the most seamless. There is nothing more disengaging than blunt and non-personable business talk. People want to know they are talking to and interacting with actual people.

It is common in professional circumstances for social media interaction to be seen as unprofessional, but it couldn’t be more the contrary. Humanising your brand allows your followers to see more than just the corporate side of your business.

Interact with your followers and allow them to see the culture behind your company. Find the balance between professional and fun by posting shots from your office, motivational quotes your workers go by, or even ‘about me’ pieces of your workers. By doing so, you are giving your audience the opportunity to learn more about the faces behind the business, and allow your followers to connect with you.

  1. Link It Back

It’s always important to add some sort of verification for your customers to know that your social media, and business, are legit. Unfortunately, as social media expands so do the amount of spam or ‘fake’ profiles, so ensure that your business does not get pulled into that category. Including buttons on your webpage is a straightforward way to link your business site to your business social media, and can have a significant impact on the way that your customers interact with you.

  1. Promote Your Page

Although social media icons can be effective to get the word out about your business, it isn’t the sole way to do so. Targeted advertising through specific platforms allows you to not only grow your audience, but do so in a way that can generate high quality leads. This is done through means of targeting, where you narrow down on a specific geographical location and interest set to capture your ideal audience base. Think of it as a sign or billboard, but just on social media!

  1. Be Consistent

With social media, being consistent is key. It shows that you can, time and time again, create engaging content. It builds trust, and allows them to have something fresh to engage with. Not only does it show this, but it also shows a consistency in your brand.

  1. Visual Engagement

People tend to scroll through news feeds at a fast rate, only stopping when something catches their eye. For that reason, posts usually have a higher success rate if they include some type of imagery. This can come in the form of videos, cartoons, high quality photography, infographics or posters. In the major findings of this report, imagery has been show to play a vital role in the level of social media engagement that pages have nowadays. So, ensure that you include it in your strategy today.

Social media presence isn’t built overnight. If you employ these tips, and take the time to build your presence, the payoff can be huge.


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