5 Social Media Branding Tips for Businesses

November 16, 2017

You would be pretty hard-pressed to find a person without a social media account of some form today. Whether you walk past a café and see a person taking a photo of their meal, or you are walking next to someone who is scrolling through their Facebook feed, there’s a daily sea of people buried in the screens of those little smartphones we hold in our pockets.

If customers everywhere are using social media, your business should be too.

But with so many platforms at our disposal, it can be difficult to hone in on which would be best to build your brand, reach your target audience, and ultimately set your brand apart from the competition.

It’s hard to pinpoint the best way to represent your brand on a variety of channels, but these five social media branding strategies will set you on the right path.

1. Find the Right Networks

There are so many social media platforms floating around, and new ones are being penned daily. But, that doesn’t mean that you have to be across all of them to be successful on social media. The first thing you have to do is identify which ones are best for your brand’s image and goals.

For instance, a law firm probably has very little need for a Snapchat account (unless they want to tackle their next case with a dog filter). However, they would likely have more success across Facebook and LinkedIn.

The platform you choose should be one where you would actually be able to post engaging and high-quality content. More than that, you need to discover and target platforms that your key audience is active on. Taking a close look at demographics can help you narrow down the options and find the suited platform for your brand.

2. Build Your Voice

We hear the phrase ‘brand voice’ pop up a lot when talking about businesses in the social media sphere, but what does it mean? It may take a while to develop, but your brand voice is the personality your business portrays to your audience.

It will be cohesively implemented and used throughout every post, comment, picture and video that goes out as your official brand, and will be one of the many ways you will show the culture and characteristics of your business. Whether you use certain slang or lingo to connect to a specific demographic, or a bold and knowledgeable tone to set you as a thought leader, your brand voice needs to be an authentic one.

3. Create Visual Branding

One of the major commonalities of social media platforms is the growing use of visuals to portray brands. If users go from your website to your platform of choice and it looks like a completely different company, it will not only create confusion – it will create an entire disconnect with your brand.

Inasmuch, you want to create appealing visual branding that is executed across all platforms you use. This means that through various design elements, you can create channels that allow your audience to immediately recognise your business.

4. Engage, Participate, Get Involved

Once you start posting regularly and gaining some traction, it is not uncommon that you will have different types of people engaging with your content. Even if you start out as a completely unknown brand, it is important to interact and engage with those that are taking the time to interact with you.

The best way to get the best start in building your online brand following is by establishing relationships with the customers, influencers and (even) other businesses that are conversing through posts, pictures, tags or shares. Not only will this grow your follower base, it will portray your brand as one that actually listens.

5. Secure Your Name

This is obviously touched on a lot when you’re trying secure your brand’s own domain name for a website, but it isn’t really delved into when it comes to social media. If you don’t think your business is ready for social media yet, but you see it in the future, still create the profiles on the appropriate platforms so that you can secure your brand name.

By securing your name on the various platforms as early as possible, it means that you have them on the backburner in case you want to start publishing on those channels. Not only this, but it strongly benefits your SEO efforts when your company name generates not only your site, but the social platforms you have. It builds brand authenticity and strengthens your overall efforts. Keep the user names you use consistent, even if your company name is taken by someone else. Whatever variation of the name you settle for should be used across every platform.

From there…

Once you start establishing your brand on social media, it is important to promote your profiles. On each platform, there should be a clear link to the various other platforms where your audience can find you and converse with you. Post regularly, and be consistent in your message and voice. Now, go and take advantage of the incredible world of social media.