We Believe That Business Value
Is Created By Delivering User Value.

We Believe That Business Value Is Created By Delivering User Value.

Appscore was originally founded as a mobile development house in 2010, tailored to meet the ever-growing demand for accelerating digital engagement.

As digital environments become increasingly complex, we’ve taken on the mission to simplify digital experiences across mobile, cloud and web.

Appscore Numbers.

Meet Some of the Team.

Alex LoueyAlex Louey
Alex Louey

MD & Founder

Nick BellNick Bell
Nick Bell


Benny SheerinBenny Sheerin
Benny Sheerin

Technical Director

Missy the DogMissy the Dog
Missy the Dog

Morale Officer

    Paul DeMatteoPaul DeMatteo
    Paul DeMatteo


    Andrew McMahonAndrew McMahon
    Andrew McMahon

    Digital Strategy Director

    Andrew NikakisAndrew Nikakis
    Andrew Nikakis

    Project Manager

    Charlene WeaverCharlene Weaver
    Charlene Weaver

    Head of People & Culture

    John VaughanJohn Vaughan
    John Vaughan

    Senior UX / UI Designer

    Emily CherryEmily Cherry
    Emily Cherry

    Digital Designer

    Josh SumitroJosh Sumitro
    Josh Sumitro

    Lead iOS / Android Developer

    Drewyn VialDrewyn Vial
    Drewyn Vial

    Full Stack Developer

    Laura WilliamsLaura Williams
    Laura Williams

    Senior Account Manager

    Andy SmithAndy Smith
    Andy Smith

    Senior Account Manager

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