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Optimise your business through tangible data. We deeply integrate the latest analytics technology throughout company processes to decipher the point where critical decisions are made by real people. Engage Appscore’s advanced Analytics Consulting Services today to optimise and grow your enterprise.

How Analytics Can Help Your Business

Achieve better processes and outcomes by solving business problems with the help of analytics. Appscore helps you become an information-driven company where data insights lie at the heart of day-to-day operations. With our Consulting Services, you’ll feel fully equipped to make confident decisions based on intelligence and facts derived from analytics.

Appscore will translate the language of analytics, create insights and help you use it as a strategic asset. We’ll assist you in building analytics structures that work alongside existing critical company processes to capture data and turn it into a strategic asset. Soon you’ll be able to see more KPIs being met as you identify key performance drivers in HR, customer service, operations, and other data functions.

We leverage sophisticated AI, predictive functionalities, and automation to optimise your business and get you ahead of the game. Intelligent insights based on analytics give you the freedom to make smarter decisions, fix problems quickly, take calculated risks, and innovate.

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Analytics Consulting Services Help You To:


Build a flexible and intuitive function for finance

Most existing finance systems lag behind the way business is evolving. That’s why you need to implement a solution able to keep up with new enterprise technologies, fresh markets, new consumer behaviours and expectations, plus an ever-increasing volume of data. Enter Appscore’s finance function.

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The benefits of analytics

  • Streamline the cost of finance
  • Make finance systems more efficient
  • Optimise performance management
  • Keep track of people capabilities
  • Monitor potential risks

Audit risks to secure your business

Make the most of analytics while avoiding potential pitfalls through systematic risk auditing. No matter the size of your data sets, a strategy to secure sensitive information, manage quality, and protect private data remains necessary. While big data offers many benefits, it requires a sophisticated risk management and internal audit plan of action. Implement this strategy alongside analytics to safeguard your enterprise.

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The benefits of analytics

  • Develop better risk and internal management
  • Help you to deliver to a high standard every time
  • Reduce costs and benefit from strategic insights
  • Improve quality and understanding of regulatory processes
  • Anticipate and analyse potential risks

Leverage client insights to maximise profit

Reposition and restructure processes by examining sales analytics at consumer level, alongside competitor information and market events with the help of AI algorithms. Machine learning can help you uncover useful insights into your customers’ shopping patterns so you can develop an informed strategy focussed on maximising growth. While technology has empowered consumers to be more selective, shop smarter, and demand more, businesses can also benefit. Leverage analytics to unlock the hidden value of consumer behaviours and focus your efforts on profitability so you can stay ahead in an ever-competitive marketplace.

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The benefits of analytics

  • Rethink your channel mix strategy
  • Tap into the hidden value of your customers
  • Discover how to attract more of the right customers
  • Keep your client base loyal to your brand

Generate more value in HR

Gain laser-focussed insight into key performance drivers through analytics data to make data-driven adjustments to HR systems. Advanced modelling and reporting systems give you the foresight into future service demand, as well as how to improve performance. Analytics help you perform optimally, reduce costs, and gain insight into your workforce.

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The benefits of analytics

  • Allocate resources more efficiently
  • Understand your employees better

Design a flexible and adaptable supply chain

The new economy requires supply chain analytics tools to improve operational efficiency, cut costs, and meet customer demands. State-of-the-art supply chain tools analyse and predict risks to enable better decision-making, while also supporting fast recovery as part of an overall strategy to drive better performance. Appscore helps companies adopt advanced supply chain analytics and visualisation tools to optimise operations and keep clients happy.

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The benefits of analytics

  • Optimise supply chain efficiency
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Cut costs

Analytics as an outsources service

Appscore’s Analytics Consulting Services bring together our first-hand expertise with leading analytics systems and state-of-the-art proprietary technologies to deliver a full suite of industry-standard solutions that are fully scalable to meet client needs. Your data will be securely hosted in the Cloud in line with strict data privacy policies, plus security and regulatory requirements. Engage our Analytics Consulting Services to optimise operations, marketing, HR, traditional and nontraditional data functions, customer experience, and more.

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