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Just as our name reveals all, apps are at the heart of everything we do. We transform concepts into reality and deliver results. As proud partners with Samsung and Apple, we pride ourselves in creating game-changing solutions with a profound delivery driven approach, which sets the foundation for how we work with our clients. What sets us apart is our focus on building solutions that engage users through behaviour mechanics. We look at how real people interact with their environment and use this to achieve the optimal rate of adoption.

At Appscore, we have more than 70 in-house strategist, engineers and designers, creating and refining mobile and web applications from within our office in Melbourne. With so many talented hands on deck, our committed team are with you from the start of your project until the final launch. Regardless of your company’s status, shape or size, we position you for digital growth and success.

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iOS Apps

iOS Apps

With more than 2.2 million apps solely available through Apple’s App Store, while on average, an Australian will use 36 different apps each month, it’s safe to say that apps are the present and the future.

We design and build intuitive iOS apps in response to the complete customer journey, which we believe is imperative to the overall functionality of the final application.

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Android Apps

Android Apps

A recent report reveals that a notable 88% of all smartphones sold during the second quarter of 2018 were using an Android operating system. Typically, Android apps are either designed for smartphone or tablet PC end users running an Android operating system.

For both iOS and Android apps, we ensure thorough research, consultations, rapid prototyping, focus groups, A/B testing and workshops as part of the final end-result in achieving the client’s vision.

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As users continue to wear various technology, including smartwatches, VR, fitness trackers and more, the number of connected wearable devices across the globe is expected to exceed a vast 830 million by the year 2020. We can develop any wearables’ application for both iOS and Android, so you can seamlessly provide users with instantaneous information, establish customer loyalty and allow for up-to-minute notifications on the run!

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There’s no need to strictly reserve your app for a single platform when you can expand your outreach and increase your customer base with the perfect cross-platform application. We create coherent, cross-platform applications for full compatibility across several operating systems.

Ensure both the appearance and functionality of your app remains consistent across all platforms and amplify your universal customer experience. Cross-platform app development is particularly beneficial as it only requires one codebase, which developers can apply across all platforms. As your company only needs to invest in a single app, you save more money and we spend less time developing.

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The industry-renowned Kony AppPlatform enables JavaScript developers to build both native and responsive mobile and web applications at competitive speeds. This low-code platform allows for complete seamless integration, all without compromising the performance quality, security, total cost of ownership (TCO) and customer experience.

React Native

React Native, an all-inclusive app development platform, allows developers to create native and cross-platform apps using either Objective-C or JavaScript. This distinguished technology facilitates developers in creating cross-platform mobile applications using a single codebase, which appear just like native apps, but without using as many resources.

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At Appscore, our team of in-house developers, designers, marketing strategists and creatives, all work closely together to provide game-changing digital solutions.

To find out more about how we can bring your vision to life, get in touch with us today.

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