Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s New Products: Part 1

September 18, 2017

Unless you live under a rock or off the grid, chances are you’ve heard of Apple’s new release: the long-awaited iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Yesterday, the internet was in pandemonium as Apple held a live press conference, which acted as an official launch of the new products to hit the market. Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, welcomed people both live and over streams to the Steve Jobs Centre to talk about products that were envisioned years ago.

So, let’s take a look at the new products.

Apple Watch 3

The first product revealed in the launch was the new Apple Watch. Through a video presentation shown on the big screen, they matched the likeness of the watch to that of a computer that you wear on your wrist. The main message, however, was that the watch can change the lives of those in need, ensuring that people are more in touch with their bodies and taking control of their health.

The new watch includes:

  • Built-in cellular capabilities, which allow users to send and receive phone calls over the watch;
  • GPS system to use on-the-go, and a barometric altimeter;
  • Swim-proof structure, allowing water sports players the ability to stay in touch out on the water;
  • 70% faster dual-core processor compared to previous models;
  • W2 wireless chip;
  • All-day battery;
  • A redesigned music space, which will allow users to stream 40 million songs right from their wrist;
  • New Active features, which will help users better maintain their health and wellbeing;
  • Gym Kit, which allows you to tap your watch on a machine and to have all your metrics synced;
  • A new version of the heart rate monitor, which gives you more information about your heart rate and rhythm, including features that alert users of irregular and unnatural heartbeats.

Apple Watch is the number one watch in the world, even managing to overtake Rolex. It is probably one of the highest functioning watches on the market, and prices seem reasonable given the capabilities of the watch itself.

Apple TV 4K

With a goal at shaping the way users interact with their televisions, Apple has also unveiled the recent release of Apple TV 4K. Not only does the global conglomerate hope to change the quality of the pictures that flood our screens; but to also create an unmatched user experience.

The characteristics of 4K greatly outweigh that of HD. It has four times the number of pixels and a factor called High Dynamic Range. This not only means more pixels, but higher functioning, higher quality pixels. They’ve redone all Apple TV systems to perform at a 4K standard, and any movies preciously purchased before the change will be automatically updated (free of charge).

Of course, the tech giant is adding various apps to Apple TV 4K, many of which are designed to appeal to sports fanatics and those who would like to keep up with live worldwide news features and more.

Dubbed as a cinema right in your living room, the 4K is set to be a TV of the ages.