Apps That Are Changing the World

May 22, 2017

The world is growing into a technically dependant one, with people using their smart devices and the information accessible to them for a multitude of issues. From using Google to type in your symptoms and discover what ailment is making its way through your body, to searching for the best restaurant in an overseas country, there are incredible apps that are enabling us to constantly discover more.

Apps that are successful in the grand scheme of things are ones that have listened to industry demand, or identified a gap in the market that needs filling. They are innovative, new and fresh – adding a perspective that wasn’t once there and allowing the user to achieve things they couldn’t before. You wouldn’t think it, but there are apps out there that are impacting a major problem in the world for the better, and allowing users to get in touch with the world around them like never before.

  1. Feedie

Now, if you are across any social media platform you will undoubtedly scroll past a picture of food. It can be awkward to watch someone whip out their phone of camera and try to find the best angle of their food to document, but they might be doing the world some good. With the app Feedie, people are sharing their food literally. It works through users finding a participating restaurant, taking a picture of their food and sharing it on their social networks. The restaurant you are at will then in turn donate the equivalent to one meal directly to the non-for-profit company called ‘The Lunchbox Fund’. The donation will quickly turn into a meal, which will be fed to starving people in rural South African communities. Although there are no participating restaurants in Australia yet, it is hard to deny that this app is changing the world with 12,003,835 meals shared.

  1. Charity Miles

Some of us need a good push to get us to exercise. Motivation can be hard to find, but with apps like Charity Miles people are finding more reasons to get out and get active. It works by measuring the miles that you travel daily through walking, biking, running, skipped, hopped etc. and turns it into a measurable donation to a worldly charity of your choosing. As you can imagine, the money adds up and you can soon be making some sizeable donations to charities that mean something to you. So, what is stopping you? Grab your runners and get going!

  1. Forest

Making way as one of the best productivity apps out there, Forest is an app that is changing the way we use our phones. It is true, we might be using our phones too much, especially in times where we are meant to be studying, working or unplugging with a partner or friend. This app is helping people become more conscious with their phone usage by directly making them responsible for their usage. It works through promoting users to not use their phones in times of productivity, and in turn, they will earn credits that plant a tree somewhere in the world. By spending less time on your phone, users are able to add to the environment with Forest. In fact, 121,434 trees have been planted so far.

  1. Ask Izzy

This Australia wide, anonymous app is paving the way as a haven app for homeless people nationwide. It was picked up by Google, and has since been supported by other established businesses in the country. It acts by pairing homeless individuals with housing, meals, health services, counselling services, legal help and more. It links homeless individuals with places nearby that will support them, and with 80% of Australia’s homeless having access to a smart device of some type it is greatly benefitting the way they tackle their situation.

  1. CancerAid

Labelled as Australia’s number one Cancer Management App, CancerAid helps those with cancer navigate their way through their illness, symptoms, aftercare and treatment. It helps them to better understand what is happening to their body when it seems troubling and confusing. Created by a group of young Aussie doctors, it is a new way for people to manage their cancer treatment in an engaging way. It allows them to view their medical journey, and access personalised information regarding their treatments, helps them to log their information and symptoms experienced and keep on top of their appointment schedule and communicate all of the above to their doctor. More than that, if gives the users a way to communicate with others who are going through similar experiences, and allow them to connect and support each other through this difficult period. Although it is only now expanding into rarer forms of cancer, the app is one of many proving how beneficial innovative app ideas can change one’s medical experiences.

  1. Headspace

Encouraging people to be more in tune with their mind, Headspace is the app allowing people to disconnect. It works through providing people with guided meditation sessions, and inspires users to take a few minutes out of their day, every day, and allow their brain to rest in a world that demands a constantly on the go nature. Proven to help manage stress levels, focus, and creativity levels, Meditation, and in turn Headspace, is an incredible asset to those who simply don’t have the time to focus on themselves.

These Apps listed above have something in common. No, it isn’t that all are benefiting someone or something around the world, but it is that all were born from an idea. Through research, application and innovation, these apps have changed the way we use Apps to influence ourselves and the world around us. There is no reason why you can’t create the next game-changing, world altering app.

All you need to do is start.