How Apps are Reshaping Traditional Blue-Collar Trades

November 4, 2016

Think mobile apps are just for those tech-savvy industries? Think again.

These days, more and more tradies are climbing aboard the digital bandwagon, exchanging their tired old systems for the ease and convenience of mobile applications. As a result, we’re seeing professional plumbers, carpenters, electricians and building contractors connect with one another on a whole other level and effectively reach out to new customers.

Workyard: like Tinder for tradespeople

One of the hottest trades apps right now is Workyard: a platform where tradespeople can put themselves on display in order to connect with individuals looking for contractors. It’s such a simple concept, yet a highly valuable one – users get to pick and choose their contractors by viewing their profiles and scanning over examples of their previous work. The result is advantageous for both parties: home and business owners can make informed decisions on who they hire to complete their work, while tradespeople get to elevate their professional status, advertise their services and showcase their portfolio.

Paper-pushing processes are going digital

There are also numerous apps for tradies nowadays that are eliminating the need for bulky binders spilling with hard-copy documents. Instead, handy mobile applications are being created, enabling tradies to keep all that important job info in the one location. By allowing users to create site diaries, change orders, and record quotes and tender requests, such apps are taking the headaches out of traditional processes and giving users the ability to access everything they need right in the palm of their hands.

Mobile apps are even replacing certain tools

While the cherished toolbox has long been a glorified symbol of the tradie, some of the newest tools to hit the marketplace are less physical hardware, more digital software. While you can hardly use your phone to hammer a nail into a wall, you can use it to perform other important tasks. The Handyman Calculator is one example of a mobile app that enables tradies to access construction calculators and equations to help them complete their day-to-day jobs. Other similar apps include the iHandy Carpenter, which provides users with a collection of virtual tools including a spirit level, a protractor, a ruler, a plumb bob and a surface level, all of which have been designed for ‘maximum accuracy’.

As the mobile app industry continues to boom, it will be interesting to see how other workforces latch onto the digital revolution, transforming the way they operate for the better.