The Apps Shaping the Way We Travel the World

June 22, 2016

Our portable devices mean that connecting while on-the-go is even easier. App developers have realised this and have been innovating away on their app technologies to make people’s travel experiences even more delightful.

Although the rewards of travel are many, even the worldliest of us can get overwhelmed with all the options available. Even just choosing your destination can be hard – after all, we’re inundated with photos from tempting faraway destinations every day, how do we narrow them down?

Apps make the experience more personal

In an ultimate show of the sharing economy, travel giant Airbnb allows users to connect with locals. In fact, their key marketing premise is allowing people to live in the city rather than simply visiting like a tourist. It aims to connect a vast community of users with each other. Using a careful balance between clever development and captivating content marketing strategies, Airbnb have risen to the top of the accommodation industry.

What does this mean for tourism technology? It’s a sure sign that users are looking towards something more authentic and genuine than simply being locked up in a hotel room.

Technology is key in this shift, as there would be no way to connect two users from opposite sides of the planet without having an app in common.

Your technology is even smarter than you when it comes to planning

Apps have come a long way, to the point that they can act as a stand-in travel agent. Beyond the obvious forums and websites like TripAdvisor, which provide information for you to construct your own itinerary, there’s a new sort of development that plans your trip for you according to your personal preferences. With apps like Route Perfect, you’re able to enter in a bunch of variables relating to your travel style, and the algorithm will plan your ideal itinerary to continental Europe, the UK and Ireland. By plugging in a couple of data points to tell the app your travel style (solo travel or romantic getaway? History or gourmet food?), it will construct an itinerary of your perfect vacation.

On a budget? Here’s the apps that will save you money

Let’s face it. While it would be nice to stay in five-star hotels every night of your trip, this is off-limits for those of us with more reasonable budgets.

Apps like Skyscanner and Hostelworld act as aggregators of the travel field, collecting data on flights and hostels respectively and providing you with a list of the most cost-effective options. After all, in the excitement leading up to a trip, who wants to be clicking around thousands of websites to find the best deal – only to find it has been booked our when it comes to reserve our spot?

As well as making it easier for the consumer to find the price that’s right for them, these apps can also go some way towards shaping the industry and making it more competitive. No longer will hotels and airlines be able to hide; they’ll be forced to shape up and deliver on quality, or risk being frozen out of the market by their more nimble competition.

Explore the local landscape

One of the best things about travel is hitting the ground running and seeing what the new city has to offer. Think about what apps you use in your everyday life to get around your city – Uber for transport; Zomato to find a new restaurant – and tailor them to your travels. With the creature comforts of home, it couldn’t be easier to get around and (as Airbnb would have it) live like the locals do.

At Appscore, we adore the new innovations that are shaping the travel landscape and are looking forward to seeing what’s ahead – what new innovations will let us explore our world even more?