The Health Education and Training Institute (HETI) undertakes a core role in supporting the NSW Health system in its education and training requirements. HETI works closely with local health districts (LHDs), specialty health networks (SNs), other public health organisations and health education and training providers to ensure the development and delivery of health education and training across the NSW Health System.

The institute ensures that education and training across the system: supports safe, high quality, multi-disciplinary, team based, patient centred care; meets service delivery needs and operational requirements; and enhances workforce skills, flexibility and productivity.
To improve customer service and information delivery, HETI looked to mobile apps as the next medium for training medical staff. Phase one of the project had the core challenge of digitising physical training guides to make it easier for medical staff to access, in addition to providing media rich content to assist with the core information. HETI also wanted to be able to manage all the content on the app remotely, to cater for changes in legislations and medical practices. The final solution consisted of a Content Management System feeding dynamic data to the application, a video server to allow new training content to be streamed to the app and an iPhone and iPad app for user interaction. The app was launched by the NSW Minster of Health and has been adopted by the medical fraternity with great enthusiasm.
Resources from HETI are simply categorised so that you can quickly find the most relevant documents or videos.

A-Z listing and easy-to-use search function help to identify the resource you need.

Watch informative and educational videos on your device through our integrated video player, or use AirPlay to watch them on your home entertainment system.

“My HETI” lets you store your favourite documents so you can view them any time, even when you’re not connected.
HETI Android
An Android version of the HETI training app was created so the greatest number of medical staff could benefit from this innovative solution. Understanding the different user gestures and experience expected of Android users was a major factor in the success of this app, we designed a unique interface for both phone and tablet devices to ensure maximum adoption amongst its users.

Flora Explorer

Yarra Ranges engaged Appscore to create an app designed to help people explore the beauty that the natural environment has to offer.
In addition to the iPhone app, Appscore was engaged to build the Android version of Flora the Explorer. The app required a unique user interface design that would cater specifically for Android users.
The Android version of the app posed its own unique set of challenges, the wide range of devices, screen size and processing capability impacted on the way the app had to be built. We had optimised the expanse of data for the low end entry-level devices to ensure a smooth and effortless user experience. The app has been a great success, helping visitors to the area, navigate, investigate and learn about the beautiful landscape offered by the region.
Flora Explorer Android
The Yarra Ranges Council strongly values the native plants and animals of their local area. Discover, identify and learn about plants in the Yarra Ranges with their new Android app.


2GB is Sydney’s premier news and talk show radio station, it holds an enviable track record of 80 consecutive radio rating wins. Its headline hosts include industry giants such as Alan Jones, Chris Smith, Ben Fordham and Ross Greenwood.

2GB needed a new look and enhanced functionality. With speed to market being a major consideration, rather than upgrading their existing native app, Appscore took a fresh approach and built a cross-platform app on the KONY platform. The KONY platform allowed us to fast track the development and reduce time to market by 30%.
The new app provided a faster, fresher and more advanced listening experience with a host of new interactive fan engagement features that include:
  • Radio Segment Guide
  • Listener Polling
  • Live Competition Entry
  • Live traffic and breaking news updates


AuScope Limited is a non-profit company formed to facilitate the implementation of a world-class infrastructure system for earth science. This is done through the delivery of a range of technologies and capabilities in data acquisition, management, modelling and simulation across the geospatial and geoscience spectrum.

The AuScope Earth app allows you to investigate our dynamic continent by accessing real-time data feeds from the AuScope Seismometers in Schools network. Did you feel a “bump in the night”? See if the closest AuSIS school recorded it too. Identify recent earthquakes from around the Australian Plate and compare the waveforms from your school to others across the country. Great for students, teachers or anyone who is interested in how the earth works
As Australia moves northwards, stress builds up in the Earth’s crust due largely to the collision that is occurring on our northern plate boundary. This stress results in deformation that can be measured as earthquakes using seismometers or by subtle changes in the distance between fixed points measured by very high precision GPS units. AuScope has deployed 40 seismometers in schools throughout Australia and has supported Geoscience Australia in their deployment of over 200 GPS instruments that are continuously recording these effects. AuScope Earth provides you, the student, geoscientist or interested observer with the ability to analyse and compare real data downloaded directly from this large research infrastructure deployment.

Go Scan

“AppsCore has done a great job implementing our needs.”

GS1 Australia are the local administrators for the internationally recognised GS1 System, now used by over one million member companies in virtually every sector of the global economy. The GS1 System makes possible the identification of all trade items, processes, services, shipments, assets, companies and locations to facilitate communication, data collection and exchange of information in the interest of trading partners. As the Australian authority for the GS1 System, we issue our members with unique GS1 Company Prefixes used to form numbers that are most commonly shown in barcodes on products, and are also used in electronic messages such as orders, invoices and despatch advices.
As the world leader in bar coding standards and supply chain best practice, the GS1 project had high bar to conquer. As one of the few organisations to be the custodian of bar coding data direct from manufacturers, we had to ensure the integrity of the data was maintained throughout the app. Any inconsistencies could have ramifications and legal accountability that would impact on some very high profile brands. The brands represented on the app ranged from major FMCG right through to global pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Bayer and Pfizer.
Up-to-date trusted information on thousands of products on retail shelves across Australia

Locate information quickly by browsing or scanning your products

Easy to read display of product information

Voice over enabled for vision impaired users, plus other accessibility functions

Add your favourite products to your ‘Favourites’ list

Set individual alerts for your allergen/s and other dietary requirements

Fruit Station

Skyridr Studios is a well known and active member in the start up space. Their goal is to build the world’s best and most enjoyable mobile games for the iOS and eventually the Android ecosystem.

Their mission is to make your life a little more enjoyable one game at a time by focusing on high quality mobile entertainment. This reflects in our work as we continue to produce new games for everyone to enjoy.
Fruit Station features complete mission sets to level up your score multiplier. Enjoy endless fun with unique mission sets Earn boosts to help you clear obstacles, objectives or create a HUGE splash of combos Master different super fruits and boosts. Earn coins to use and upgrade boosts. Plus, enjoy a Facebook connection that lets you compete against your friends. This game is easy to learn, yet challenging to master high scores.
Game dynamics was a major consideration in developing this app. However, with a number ex-game developers from Sega and Blue Tongue amongst the Appscore team, we were more than up to the challenge. We worked with Skyridr studios on all aspects of the game from music and graphics right through to development. The game has since gone onto great success and featured in Venture Beat.

CV Sales

Mercedes Benz is one of the most recognised brands in the world, representing the epitome of luxury motoring. The manufacturer has over 270,000 employees and revenues of 118 billion Euro annually.
When the world’s leading luxury car manufacturer approached the Appscore team to build an industry-leading tool to help their dealership better service their customers, we knew it was going to be a task of gigantic proportions. Meticulous attention to detail and quality control processes applied to all aspects of their operations within Mercedes, including companies that develop apps for them. The user interface had to be easy to use and intuitive for the broad spectrum of dealers using it. In addition, the final product had to represent the same brand values as its cars. The app was launched with great success, being adopted by all dealers and soon to be taken globally as a best of breed product.
Product Information
Provides the latest product information to dealers at the click of a button
Market Research
Deliver the latest competitor information and market news
Media Rich Product Information
Displays Video, high resolution images and touch sensitive vehicle statistics
Customer Information
Captures customer information, vehicle information and photos for CRM management

Tram Tracker

Yarra Trams is one of Melbourne’s major public transport operators. Employing over 2000 people, schedules over 30,000 tram services per week and services over 3.5 million users weekly.
million downloads
annual increase

Appscore was engaged to design, build and launch the tramTRACKER Android App to the market. With such a highly visible App, we worked closely with both Yarra Trams’s IT and Marketing to ensure a great outcome. Customer research and feedback played a major role in the success of the app, we made sure the features most requested by the public were included in this brand new release. A key challenge was to include all the features and functions of the app into a friendly user interface. This was achieved through rapid prototyping of concepts and the use of focus groups. The Yarra Trams Android App has been a success and consistently produced 4.5/5 star ratings by its users.
Passenger Information Display
Provides tram departure and arrival times
Disruption Alerts
Notifies customers of any disruptions, or service to their routes
Provides live travel information of the tram the user is on-board
Map Display
Shows travellers where the tram stops are, and features such as accessibility, super stops and pram access.
When it came time to refresh the Yarra Trams iPhone App, Appscore was called upon to do the job. One of the biggest challenges was to replicate the success of the Android App. The only difference was this time we needed to ensure we didn’t upset over 1 million existing users. We rebuilt the app from scratch and completely redesigned the app to fall in line with the latest design trends, whilst at the same time ensuring it was exciting, easy to use and reliable. The lesson we learnt from building the Android app were fed into this project to make it more cost effective and reduce the time to market. The app was recently launched to once again 5 star ratings and has since been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times by the tram using public.

Kings Keep

Chamberlain Games, a brand with a long history creating startling board games, has now moved onto mobile apps. They specialise in strategy and card games and, having built a strong cult following over the years, has achieved great success in the mobile age.

One of the major challenges was discovering how to make a person to person card game into a fun and exciting mobile app. The success of the game relied upon transferring the experience of a tactile card game onto the surface of a mobile device. The app has gone on the capture the same cult following that the original game did, and has gone onto win a 2013 Australia mobile award.
Start the game as a squire with your own name and a custom made coat of arms that adheres to the laws and requirements of medieval heraldry.
Managing your own feudal fiefdom, you can train your peasants to become an effective and powerful army that protects the villages and towns under your care.
Strategy & Financial Stewardship
To succeed on the battlefield, you must develop your ability to strategise and wage war wisely and courageously. You must also be wise in how you spend your finances as it will directly affect your army’s ability to function and develop.
Time will tell whether you can advance through the game and defeat the ultimate opponent, Emperor Charlemagne, and receive the title of Emperor.

Surfing Life

Morrison Media is one of Australia’s premier lifestyle publishers. Surfing Life is one of its leading titles and one of Australia’s best known
surfing magazines.

As one of the first titles to embrace the tablet market, Surfing Life was leading what was often a traditional industry. The major challenge was designing a user experience that had never been done before. There were no set standards or norms to draw from, and we were brain storming and coming up with new ways to present content to the users on a daily basis. The app was eventually launched at the Rip Curl Classic with much success and fanfare.
Interactive Hot Spot
Rich media tappable areas in the magazine to display video.
Interactive Advertising
Offered advertisers a new way to communicate with the target audience, offering multimedia visual and user interaction.
App Specific content
The platform allowed iPad only content, video and live streaming updates.