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The Benefits of Using Facebook Live for Your Business

October 10, 2017

Facebook is more alive than ever. In a world that demands immediacy and innovation, social media platforms are constantly changing to keep up with the growing expectations of how users want to interact and share content.

High-quality engagement is hard to achieve in the fast-paced tech world we have created. This has led to businesses investing in various ways to increase the overall engagement on social media, and to gain the right attention fast. For this very reason, brands have been turning to one of the most unique and daunting elements of Facebook: Facebook Live.

With Facebook Live, users can create instant content on a live stream which is broadcast through their Facebook page to a wider audience. You may approach it with hesitation due to its nature where smart edits can’t really be applied, but your business can certainly feel the benefits.

Instant content such as that generated by Facebook Live can make you a big player in reaching target audiences. Brands across the world have been reaping the benefits of live streaming (just check out the Facebook Live Map).

For now, here are three benefits that your brand can feel when using Facebook Live in business.

1. Fresh and Unique Content

Since the creation of the Snapchat app in 2011, live video sharing has become increasingly popular. This is because users can create new, once-off content that shows the ‘here and now’ of a moment, allowing for a more insightful and personal look into a situation or event.

Depending on your industry, you can create some pretty successful live videos that are prominent within the Facebook app. The main issue that brands may feel is developing that catchy live video that grabs audience’s attention. To have successful live videos, you need to ensure that you are developing the kind of content your audience expects. Approach it with the same mind frame that you apply to any other content post, making sure that it is in line with your overall brand message. Implement it as part of your marketing strategy around product launches, your point of differences, and any events that may be coming up. It gives you a chance to convey the culture behind your brand and still push any products or services that you may be targeting.

Due to its unedited and unfiltered nature, planning ahead will help tighten the final product that is live streamed and give you a better chance of grabbing the audience’s attention you are after. It may be worth checking out how those within your industry are using the live streaming feature. Is it successful? Have they received a healthy number of views? Did you want to watch it?

2. All You Need is a Smartphone

Creating videos can be a costly experience, especially when you include all the trimmings of a set, an editor, etc. You may find it hard to stick to a budget, especially when you have a set amount across your media spend. Live streaming can combat this. Sure, you can create a live stream using professional cameras or design a set to play around in during the stream, but it isn’t necessary towards the overall success or outcome. Most viewers gravitate towards live streams that are immersive and ‘in the moment’. Even with a lower spend, you can still create high-quality content that will engage your viewers.

It can be a live Q&A, a ‘how to’ session about a product, or an event/product launch. As long as it is relevant and ‘new’, people will watch.

3. Keeping up with Audience and Engagement

One of the most obvious benefits from using the live stream feature is that it gives brands the opportunity to take a personalised approach to content. However, it also allows you to view and track the engagement levels of each live post.

This detailed analysis can break down the peak levels of engagement during a live stream, helping you identify what your audience did (and didn’t) like about the stream.

This makes the tool especially beneficial when testing how a certain type of content performs. Take note of the likes, reactions, comments, shares and mentions when live streaming. After the stream is completed, you will receive a full breakdown behind the engagement of the live stream, including overall viewers, organic traffic, video clicks and total reach.

Using this information and data, you can eventually determine the ideal content to post via Facebook Live and subsequently reap the benefits.