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Mobilising Customer Advocacy.

Australia Post wanted to assist their workers in handling questions that may arise in social settings. Appscore created an advocacy app that gave quickfire answers at the touch of a button, as well as back-end access to problems users may be confronted with.


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Australia Post’s Challenge

Australia Post employees are often faced with challenging questions from customers in social settings. Beyond the regular curiosity comes the more difficult-to-answer questions such as “can you help me?” or “can I have an update on my order?”

Australia Post faced the problem of presenting bite-sized bits of information to aid employees and allow them to answer queries on the go.

Australia Post approached Appscore to consult on a mobile solution, providing their employees with a handy tool for advocacy.

How we solved it.

We kicked off a discovery phase to gain feedback from AusPost employees and understand the challenges they faced in social settings. Identifying commonly asked questions, we workshopped with AusPost to deliver brand-consistent messaging that would answer questions and remain conversational in tone.

We also identified the need for a fast-track service that employees could use to directly assign tasks to their account. This would give them a much-needed shortcut to problem solving.

Throughout the entire discovery phase, we user-tested the app for feedback on clarity of use, resulting in a very friendly UI.

The Solution

Keeping it conversational.

Relaying important information without sounding too technical, we created content that could easily be inserted into conversation. Keeping the talking points light-hearted yet informative, the uptake of the app grew rapidly.

Delivering swift service.

Integrating a back-end solution to get queries answered was a high-priority for AusPost staff. By providing a direct service to assign tasks through the app, we were able to provide a system that significantly improved the satisfaction rate of users.

Boosting customer advocacy.

Empowering staff to advocate their company and solve problems on the fly meant AusPost employees were more likely to use the new app. As we continued to provide necessary details with each iteration, uptake from AusPost staff increased dramatically.

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