Fitness First

Seamless Team Integration to Build a Better App.

The Challenge. Fitness First needed consulting, team augmentation and development to create new features for their flagship mobile app.

The Conclusion. Our team of engineers delivered brand new features, fully integrated into the apps’ existing framework.

  • Software development
  • UX/UI design
  • Solution architecture
  • Technical consulting
15%increase in feature delivery within timeframes
25%reduction in development costs
Zerodowntime in sprints between handover and feature delivery

Fitness First’s Challenge.

Fitness First’s offshore development team were working on all development and testing for the company’s flagship app. Despite delivering outputs at a high standard, tight deadlines and time zone restrictions meant Fitness First needed a quicker way to manage future updates.

Identifying the need for a dedicated onsite team to push development through, Fitness First approached Appscore to help them provide an augmented team to deliver on the roadmap of their flagship mobile app.

How We Solved It.

To make sure we delivered the outcomes Fitness First needed, we selected a development team of engineers well-versed in agile methodology.

The team began by reviewing code and product backlogs to familiarise themselves with the product, functions and processes the week before commencing the engagement with Fitness First. By working closely with a Fitness First Product Owner to determine the backlog of each sprint, our team delivered production-ready features within two-week sprints, fully tested in collaboration with Fitness First’s QA team.

Despite the rapid turnaround time needed for each task, our development team integrated themselves within the Fitness First team without a hitch – producing and delivering each requirement on time.

Our work enabled Fitness First to cut the costs of feature development significantly, maintaining a high level of quality that was immediately deliverable via their flagship app.

The Solution.

Meeting development timelines in a tight time frame.

Fitness First needed a swift response from our team as soon as we were brought on board. Our developers researched the back-end coding before deployment, ensuring there wouldn’t be any teething problems. This helped our augmented team hit every deadline put forth by Fitness First to deliver their functional app.

Smooth integration into existing frameworks.

Developing code ready for the first sprint was challenging as Fitness First wanted the new solution to be fully integrated into their existing app. Our team maintained a high level of technical quality to ensure ease of delivery. Fitting comfortably within the existing framework, the code created by our developers delivered above and beyond Fitness First’s existing standard.

Cutting time and costs.

The work of our augmented team of developers resulted in a 25% reduction in development costs and a 15% increase in feature delivery. We worked tirelessly to deliver the highest standard of code and ensure zero downtime between handover and feature delivery.

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