Empowering staff to solve customer problems.

Foxtel wanted to be able to empower their employees to help customers and capture potential leads by providing them with easy to use mobile tools. Appscore created an app that tied together functionalities including capturing sales leads, a knowledge bank, reporting customer problems and latest offers. All this provided Foxtel employees with the information they desired at speed.


  • Consulting

Foxtel’s Challenge

Information for resolving common issues facing Foxtel customers was scattered on various systems, e.g. CRMs, Wikis, Technical notes etc. While employees knew of these systems the time it took to find the right information from the correct system was not optimal.

Foxtel recognised that streamlining this process would make both the employee and customers experience far better and also aid in capturing sales leads. It was with this in mind that Foxtel approach Appscore to help solve the issue.

How we solved it.

During the Discovery phase we performed a number of sessions with a selection of Foxtel employees to determine what were the most common types of queries and what systems they had to go to for answers. From these we were able to process map the journey and determine the most common questions employees faced.

This information formed the basis of the Workshop where we validated the common pain points and prototyped solutions. These solutions were then user tested to narrow down on what worked best to produce an efficient, validated and user friendly design for development.

The Solution

Lightening quick answers.

It was identified in the Discovery that there was a number of common customer queries. Instead of having the solution connect to and look up answers in various systems, the app provided a local, on demand knowledge bank that served answers to the user immediately.

Increased sales.

The ability for users to quickly answer customer queries there and then meant that Foxtel employees could turn situations into potential sales leads.

Happier customers.

With Foxtel employees now being able to answer more questions in a faster time new and existing customers were getting better customer service and a better Foxtel experience.

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