Improving and Tracking Productivity.

ING, looking to improve employee performance measurement, engaged Appscore to create a workflow tracking system to replace their current tool. Users found the existing tool difficult to use, with inaccurate and poor reporting a recurring problem. We created a web based solution that included all relevant reporting into an easy-to-use, real-time web app.


  • Software Development
Uptake of the solution across management
Increase in data capture
Increase in management satisfaction

ING’s Challenge.

ING faced a problem many modern companies come up against: properly evaluating, tracking and improving employee KPIs. The management team were experiencing issues with the slow processes, which took them away from more urgent responsibilities. ING needed a solution that would collate large amounts of data, process it in a time-efficient manner and deliver detailed reports.

ING approached Appscore to create a solution for their KPI measurement needs, while collating the vast amounts of data already present. Once the client communicated their problems, Appscore got to work on the solution.

How we solved it.

We kicked off with a discovery phase, seeking to identify key technical hurdles we would face on the journey. By ensuring our problem-solving was aligned with ING’s objectives, we were able to work with users to better understand their pain points. Deploying engineers and a designer onsite at the ING workplace, we worked directly within their office to ensure we understood the user environment.

We worked on fortnightly sprints, which allowed for fast agile responses to issues that arose. We ran playback sessions to the business prior to release to ensure they could clearly see what we were creating for their users. Our web app solution brought real-time functionality to the reporting process, while also collating large amounts of data into an easy-to-use interface.

The Solution

Shaping technology to fit the environment.

We built a solution that considered ING’s technical infrastructure restrictions as well as their desire for an ease-of use application. We delivered an intuitive system that simplified workflow for the management team, providing relevant data for KPI tracking in a time-efficient manner.

Creating a time-effective, user-friendly progressive web app.

Our web app solution seamlessly fit into the existing framework of the ING workflow. By giving management a user-friendly interface that directly converted large bits of data into readable and actionable information, we streamlined a previously arduous process into one of simplicity.

Enabling real-time feedback.

Our solution allowed ING management to acquire updates on performance and productivity in real-time, allowing for immediate reporting. The web app lifted the previous reporting process into the digital age, setting off a sharp uptake of the solution.

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