Re-engineering for the Cloud.

Medibank wanted to move away from their existing pricing system, which was too complex and required bulk imports and exports. Once partnered with Appscore, we were able to workshop and consult with Medibank to determine their needs. Once the problems were identified, we created a cloud-based pricing system that allowed for real-time correspondence and a speedier workflow.


  • Software Development
Cloud-based Solution
Real time web APIs
Response Time Increase

Medibank’s Challenge.

Using an internal pricing system to deliver up-to-date information to customers, Medibank found it difficult to integrate back-end data into their processes in a time-effective manner. As their existing system did not allow for real-time integration, Medibank relied on bulk imports and exports, which proved slow and complex.

Medibank approached Appscore to bring their pricing system into the digital age, and consult on a cloud-based system which would speed up their high-demand processes.

How we solved it.

Immediately placing a team of engineers onsite, we reviewed and validated the business challenges by studying their environment and existing systems. We thoroughly tested the system to map out the processes, inputs and outputs, and reverse engineer the pricing rules. Measuring inputs versus the expected outputs, our engineers were able to clearly understand the rules of the existing system, which led to the creation of a more effective solution.

After workshopping the problems, we decided on a cloud-based system that could be easily integrated via APIs, while also providing real-time updates and information. This would prove to be useful in speeding up the once complex system in times of high traffic.

Identifying that many existing Medibank apps and processes would be affected by the changes, our engineers made sure to test each iteration of their solution to ensure it was compatible with current and future internal systems.

The Solution

A cloud-based pricing system that responds immediately.

Modern businesses are increasingly taking advantage of the latest technology. The migration to a cloud-based solution for Medibank was necessary to turn a previously slow process into a reactive, real-time tool. Removing the need for bulk imports or exports, the cloud-based pricing solution offered a powerful yet simplified approach to back-end processing.

Scalability in peak demand times.

Making the most of their infrastructural environment, the cloud-based solution provided easy accessibility, allowing it to be scaled up in times of heavy demand. Removing long wait times and speeding up responsiveness provided greater customer satisfaction.

Standards compliant API fully integrated into existing systems and applications.

Our cloud-based pricing system was deployed at Medibank to be standards compliant, integrating seamlessly to the existing systems. This smoothed the transition of the pricing system to the cloud and allowed for each future update to integrate smoothly within the existing environment. The ease of scaling up now saves Medibank development time for future projects.

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