Augmenting a Team to Deliver Beyond Standard.

Looking to update their flagship mobile app, Medibank approached Appscore to place a mobile development team onsite. Consulting with management, surveying the environment and augmenting a team within Medibank’s office, we were able to deliver an app that best represented Medibank.


  • Consulting
4.7 *
4.7 app star rating, significantly up from 2.3
Stood up in house mobile delivery team producing features within 4 weeks
Increase in run rate

Medibank’s Challenge.

Striving to deliver the best customer service possible, Medibank wanted to update their flagship mobile app to better suit current market demands. Having previously outsourced their app development, Medibank were finding problems with transparency, resource commitment, cost and timelines related to updates for the app.

Looking to innovate their app with a quicker turnaround, Medibank approached Appscore to deliver an onsite mobile development team and improve their existing app.

How we solved it.

We kicked off our discovery phase with Medibank by surveying the app development back-end. Working within key restrictions, we created a new app architecture and development plan that would raise the standard of the app and allow for agile tweaks when needed.

We mapped out the requirements, processes and tools necessary to augment a team into Medibank, and then began to brief and place a team onsite. Well-versed in an agile methodology, our team was able to liaise with Medibank and implement required changes in a swift manner, maintaining brand guidelines and standard.

With the team working onsite, we were able to upskill Medibank’s mobile development team. Once the solution was implemented, the Medibank team would be able to update and handle any future challenges.

The Solution

Augmenting the right team.

Understanding the needs of Medibank and the environment in which we’d need to work, Appscore selected agile developers who hit the ground running, delivering features within 4 weeks. This allowed users of the app to reap the benefits faster, while also satisfying Medibank’s demands. The team were able to react swiftly to challenges, creating an up-to-date solution with a quick turnaround.

Boosting customer satisfaction through an intuitive app.

Building new features into the existing mobile app, while also improving upon the structure of it, Appscore provided a solution that saw user reviews and ratings jump from 2.3 stars to 4.7 stars. Across both Android and iOS, our development team managed to deliver a product that surpassed Medibank’s expectations.

Upskilled existing developers for Medibank.

Not only did we deliver a premium mobile app, we also upskilled Medibank’s existing development team, preparing them for future app challenges. Appscore implemented all the processes and procedures of a modern, best practice mobile development team, including CI/CD pipeline, and passed on their consulting knowledge to Medibank’s dedicated developers. This ensured that all future tweaks and innovations would be handled in the most efficient way.

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