Designing for Adoption.

Medibank were seeing significant drop-off rates from users trying to sign up to their app. Identifying that the system required too many steps for verification, Appscore worked with Medibank to design an app that cut the process in half.


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Medibank’s Challenge.

Seeing a significant drop-off in users signing up to their app, Medibank delved into their processes to identify the key problems facing their digital uptake.

Medibank found that the sign-up process was too complicated and time-consuming for the general public, often requiring email, phone and branch verification before the user account was activated.

Medibank approached Appscore to simplify the sign-up process and boost user acquisition.

How we solved it.

We opened a discovery phase to workshop solutions, running through the existing process and finding a major pain point: complexity throughout the sign-up process. Verification required confirmation outside of the app itself, creating an inefficient process that frustrated users. Users were also finding that the 6-step process was too drawn out, amplifying their likelihood to abandon the process.

Once we agreed upon necessary changes with Medibank, we then turned our focus onto user acquisition. We had to advertise to users who had previously dropped out of the sign-up process, as well as prospective new clients.

We wanted to communicate new app features and the streamlined verification process that would result in easy sign up for users.

The Solution

Communicating the benefits.

We worked with Medibank to create new ads targeted towards their database of users who dropped out during the signup process. Communicating our updates, we observed a marked uptake on downloads and user satisfaction. We utilised physical ads, pay-per-click and email updates to reach the target audience.

Streamlining the process.

Cutting the sign-up process down from 6 steps to 3, we provided users with an entirely in-app solution that did not require physical verification, but instead utilised the digital tools available.

Designing a self-sustaining app.

From beginning to end, users could now complete the sign-up process directly through the mobile app. This return to simplicity was highly-valued by users and saw the app reach number 1 in its category on Google Play and the iTunes store.

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