Driving an Immersive Buying Experience.

Mercedes-Benz wanted a digital solution to educate customers on their products before face-to-face contact with the sales team. Appscore created an immersive tablet-based app to be displayed next to showroom models, providing a next-generation solution that improved sales conversion.


  • Design
Showcased to the Mercedes Global Network as the next generation experience.
Increased final-stage sales conversion.
Increased engagement with the solution.

Mercedes-Benz’s Challenge

Mercedes-Benz found their sales team too frequently tied up in time-consuming vehicle demonstrations, often with customers on the low end of the sales pipeline. Across both commercial and passenger vehicles, customers were enquiring about information that could be better made available before face-to-face contact.

Wanting to make use of their existing hardware, namely iPads on the showroom floor, Mercedes-Benz contacted Appscore to design and implement a next generation solution that would prove immersive and educational for customers.

How we solved it.

Appscore opened a discovery phase, beginning with a workshop that included Mercedes-Benz sales staff. Learning about the ideal customer and what they would already know before speaking with a salesperson, we collated the necessary information and begin mapping it to a sleek UI. Our discovery phase also included studying drop-off rates of the existing presentations, to help us better understand where people lost engagement.

Spending time on the show floor with salespeople, we gained insight into the information delivered, and the level of knowledge the customer should gain from the engagement. These insights helped our design phase, properly allocating time and effort to the most important details.

As we were designing for both commercial and passenger vehicles, our team worked on two separate projects to give a sense of uniqueness to each journey.

The Solution

Immersing the customer.

Through specific design changes, we provided a next-generation experience that increased immersion and engagement considerably. Drop-off rates decreased, leading to greater education of customers before engaging the sales team.

Back-end functionality.

To aid the sales team further, each of the immersive presentations had back-end functionality. The solution was able to display the stock of each item, configure vehicles to customer needs and complete sales whilst the customer was at the vehicle.

Taking our innovation global.

Impressed and satisfied with the solution put forth by Appscore, Mercedes-Benz presented the innovation to the Mercedes Global Network, showcasing it as the next-generation experience that would drive forward sales in the future.

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