Making Sense of Vast Data for Government.

PCYC delivers engaging events to communities across Queensland. Finding their data collection and report generation too manual, they approached Appscore to simplify their processes. We created a mobile-responsive website that not only reduced manual input, but saved PCYC invaluable development time and funds.


  • Software Development
  • Software Development
Cost reduction.
Faster completion of user tasks.
Faster complex report generation.

Queensland Government’s Challenge

Organising and executing thousands of events every week, PCYC Queensland deals with a mammoth amount of data to gauge enjoyment, participation and feedback from their events. Often recorded manually onsite before being entered into their computer systems, PCYC found that much of the data was either lost in transit from event to system or didn’t properly capture the relevant details. Coupled with the fact that the manual entry was time consuming, PCYC needed an upgrade to their existing processes.

We began working with PCYC to bring their large data processes into the digital and mobile age, to reduce reporting time and improve the user experience.

How we solved it.

By kicking off a discovery phase and working closely with PCYC employees who used a manual data collection process, we found that the existing web app was not mobile-responsive. Lacking the ability to change the language or be tweaked to its environment, the web-based app restricted use on-the-go. Users would often manually write data down and then painstakingly transfer that data onto the system once they returned to the office. We began by identifying the need for a mobile-responsive website that would allow large amounts of data to be input with minimal manual effort. Providing a wide array of options for user customisation was also a high priority.

Through the back-end processes, we also found that generating reports consumed a large amount of time, slowly working through years of recorded data.

We user tested iterations of our solution to make sure we constantly hit key productivity requirements that users wished to see.

The Solution

Reporting made simple.

Cataloguing and integrating years’ worth of data into a nimble, straightforward website allowed for swift reporting. The generation of complex reports was made 300% faster, freeing up important time for the users to focus on important priorities.

Data directly from collection to the system

Cutting out the manual transfer entirely, our mobile-responsive app ensured data collection at events was directly communicated with the PCYC system. Users are no longer required to double-handle data while trying to run events. The data collection service on the app also allowed for a more diverse range of needs and feedback to be collected.

Reducing costs, freeing up funds for areas that matter.

PCYC knew that every dollar must be used as efficiently as possible. By smartly leveraging various AWS services to reduce the costs of their data system by 65%, we were able to help PCYC dedicate the saved funds to areas of high priority.

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