Gamifying Education, Rewarding Advocacy

The Challenge. Samsung needed a greater uptake of their training app, Samsung+, to better educate off-site sales teams.

The Conclusion. Having worked on this system since its inception, we leveraged our existing understanding to develop a gamification and socialisation system that increased user acquisition significantly.

  • User Acquisition
80%adoption rate since upgrade
60%better engagement than industry standard
8k +dedicated users

Samsung's Challenge

Samsung wanted to provide an engaging education tool for dedicated off-site sales teams, but felt their current tools weren’t being utilised to a high enough standard. Samsung needed a modern solution to drive energetic advocacy and generate excitement around their app.

Appscore were brought in to gamify and socialise the Samsung+ app and acquire more users through rewards and incentives.

How We Solved It.

Having worked with Samsung since the inception of the Samsung+ app, we were able to delve directly into the solution process.

First, we met with the Samsung learning team and their retailers to identify and test key learning criteria. Measuring the effectiveness of each iteration we tested gave us valuable insight into gaining more positive engagement through the training app.

Throughout our workshops with Samsung, we continuously made use of back-end data to analyse drop-off/click-through rates of notifications that were sent to users and used this data to tailor the messaging to best effect.

Next, we worked on a gamification project to provide users with an engaging learning experience that would give high achievers access to valuable rewards. The challenges and tests that were integrated into the Samsung+ app was very well-received, and the valuable rewards on offer provided users with a great incentive to use the app as a go-to learning tool.

The Solution.

Marrying gamification with advocacy.

The Samsung+ app saw a sharp uptake of users through the implementation of challenges, tests, and a game-style system on the platform. The extra offer of rewards based on results provided users with real-world value for user knowledge and advocacy.

Notifying users of available incentives.

We communicated the new features on the app by sending emails and push notifications to previous users and retailers. This created a sharp spike in engagement for the app, which grew to 60% above the industry standard, and each notification outlined updates that drove engagement even higher.

Balancing education and reward.

We struck a balance between awarding prizes and building an educational tool for better advocacy. We worked with Samsung to analyse the results of the learning process and decided on implementing an incentive system of just rewards for their growing user base of over 8,000 people.

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