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With years of experience building Cloud solutions for financial, government and enterprise clients, our consultants will guide you on your Cloud journey no matter what step you are on. Our Cloud methodology will combine the best practices and accumulated knowledge of our architects to deliver you a Cloud solution that meets your business problem whilst providing a solution that is highly available, scalable, secure and cost-efficient.

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Where Appscore gains an understanding of your business problem that the Cloud may solve. This encompasses a series of workshops to gain an understanding of the problem, the people involved, pain points, processes and tech stacks while identifying risks and defining success. This approach ensures there is an alignment between the solution and the problem it is answering.


Appscore consultants take all the learnings from the Discovery phase and apply their extensive experience to design the most suitable Cloud architecture to solve your business problem, be it multi-Cloud, serverless or other patterns. This design will consider your users, systems and processes to deliver a solution that takes full advantage of the benefits of the Cloud.


Appscore engineers implement best practices to execute the design in AWS, Azure or Google’s Cloud Platform to deliver a Cloud solution that delivers real business value. Using Agile methodologies, we phase the implementation, releasing business value early in development.


As your business grows and needs change, so too does the demand on your Cloud services. Appscore employs behaviour based optimisations and toolsets to adjust your services to meet new demands in the most efficient way while still ensuring availability, reliability and security.



As a trusted partner, Appscore was tasked by Medibank to lift and shift their pricing system from an on-prem, monolithic application into a modern, micro-services based solution. Within three months, Appscore delivered a completely revamped pricing system and API, serving hundreds of thousands of customers, that provided increased scalability, flexibility and security while reducing operational costs and delivering customer value faster than before.


With hundreds of products and thousands of customers, Miele had to wrestle vast quantities of data for business insights and enable quick decision making. Appscore was engaged to both enable a transition to the Cloud and optimise Miele’s Cloud environment for a drastically changing retail and online purchasing environment. A combination of utilisation heatmaps, analysing to right-size resources and multi-Cloud solutions among many other techniques were employed to optimise Miele’s Cloud. The result of which was a Cloud designed to adjust for changes in service usage optimised to be lean while still delivering the best possible business value.


How do you deliver a media-rich training experience while simultaneously managing millions of user interactions across a rapidly growing global user base? These were the problems that Samsung posed to Appscore when they challenged us to build them a game-changing sales solution. We answered with a multi-tiered solution leveraging multiple AWS services for caching, big data and scalability, providing an entire Cloud platform, simultaneously serving content to thousands of iOS, Android and web apps.

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