Coming up with an App When all the Good Ideas are Taken

May 16, 2017

Nowadays, there are a lot of people thinking about the digital landscape. More specifically, there are a lot of people thinking about their future within the digital world, and how they can influence it. Everybody has a moment where they think they’ve come up with an original, slick idea that will greatly benefit the lives of the world. You already hear the chanting of your name. You can taste the success.

You turn to Google, like many before you, and type in your brilliant idea. You find that someone has already thought of it, many years before your time. In fact, they even made it into an easily accessible app.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. With smart devices in the hands of over 2 billion people worldwide, it comes as no surprise that someone thought down the same pathways as you with their app. There are apps for virtually everything, even if they don’t make sense. For instance, there is a lighter app. No, a flame wont burst from your iPhone. Instead, it will be displayed on your screen, flickering to nothing.

But, it made someone out there rich. Apps are paving the way as a new form of earning money, with many start-ups turning to app development and creating various new apps in the market that are different and marketable in numerous ways. So, how do these companies come up with original apps in a landscape where all the innovative ideas are taken?

  1. Brainstorming session

Great ideas are often inspired by those around us. Sit down with those close to you and ask them some questions about apps they would like to see, or if they’ve had any ideas that you could expand upon and grow. Who knows, you may even find a development partner in one of your best friends and subsequently join forces to create the next big app together. If they don’t want to partner with you, make sure they’re fully aware that you’d like to harness their idea, and make it clear that you intend to pursue this app through to the end. Failing to do this might plant you face-to-face with possible legal issues in the future, should the app skyrocket.

  1. Don’t be driven by money

Hear us out. Most likely, one of the main drives behind you building this app will be the final pay-off. However, that shouldn’t be the only, or main, focus whilst developing the idea. Do not build your app simply for income. Ensure that your goal remains to create a new and innovative app that will reshape the digital landscape in some way. Someone out there needs your app and they don’t even know it yet. Think of that person and the service you’re providing them rather than the money coming from their pockets.

By doing this, you’re more likely to create a successful app as you already have your customers in mind.

  1. Find what’s missing

In order to create an app that fulfils some kind of need in people’s lives, you need to start searching for holes in the existing system. Take a look at Hater Dater – an app that essentially serves the same purpose as Tinder, but does so in a fresh, unique way by matching up like-minded haters. Find your point of difference, and play on what is missing in the market; whether that is addressing an entire problem or filling in a gap that isn’t being tapped into.

This can tie nicely back into the brainstorming session. Ask your friends and family common issues that they come across in their apps, and play on the interests that aren’t being met by those already in the industry. The mantra “anything you can do, I can do better” may serve you well here!

  1. Check out social media

As stated before, there are literally billions of people on smartphones every day. Most of these people would also be across some sort of social media platform at some stage, expressing some kind of daily struggle or unmet desire. There are billions of people at your disposal who have wishes and requests that haven’t been met by app creators, and they’re posting about that right there on social media.

Use this. Yes, it is that simple.

  1. Think backwards

With technology opening gateways of access to information, it is much easier to discover upcoming market trends these days.

You need to picture how you fit within that future, and how your app is influencing that future. Then, think backwards. Start with the solution, break it down and write out each process for getting there. Stop chasing the dream that someone else created, and instead, become the market-breaking idea that paves a new path in the digital landscape.

Through research, passion, drive and innovation, some of the best apps have been born. Remember that all apps came from one simple idea, and although not all have felt a world of success, there are thousands that have paved the way in the industry. There is no reason why your app can’t do that too.