Connect in a Whole New Way with Snapchat

June 24, 2016

More than 100 million daily users are picking up their phones and snapping away, but businesses are slow on the uptake. Some have caught on to the quick-fire photo sharing platform, but most have not caught on to the benefits yet.

When businesses have had success on Snapchat, it’s been huge.

The strategies are simple but are used to great effect. Gatorade, the worldwide energy drink company, sponsored a filter around the time of the Super bowl which attracted more than 60 million views. Their filter involved an image of a giant bucket of Gatorade being poured over a person’s head. Simple in design, it attracted more than 165 million views, leading to an 8 percent increase in purchase intent.

A similar campaign from makeup company Bare Minerals interposed a makeup tutorial between users’ usual Snapchat stories. With a compelling message and on-brand graphics, the company was able to increase their search traffic by double, and saw 15% of users swipe up to find out more information.

Snapchat offers the advertiser endless creative appeal

The applications are limitless. With the amount of advertising options available to companies – and the chance to personalise your own graphics – you will be able to design an ad that’s perfect for your target consumer. This can be using a Sponsored Geofilter during an event in your city to announce a product launch or Geofilters that overlay the user’s picture with a branded graphic. Often, the Geofilter is a fun way of decorating a Snap with a brand message, so the user is inclined to use it – and the brand is advantaged through the added exposure. In fact, many brands have an uptake of millions of users after deploying their personalised filter.

One step further than a Geofilter is the Sponsored Lenses, which brands can design themselves. These interactive images require the user’s movements to trigger an animation, prompting them to play around with their phone’s camera and creating more brand exposure.

The third type of advertisement is a simple Snap Ad, a 10-second video clip that appears between users’ own content. Probably the least fun of the set, these ads work in much the same way as regular display advertisements, informing and exciting the user about the product. Where they differ, though, is in how the user expresses their interest. Rather than clicking through (as measured by Click Through Rate), Snapchat prompts users to swipe upwards to engage. Most ads here receive more than five times more swipe ups than the CTR of other social platforms.

What’s next for Snapchatters?

Snapchat doesn’t show any signs of stopping. eMarketer, a predictive marketing service, forecasts a massive 27% growth before the end of 2016. This means that Snapchat is projected to have almost 59 million active users in the US by year’s end.

Snapchat is one of the more nimble social media platforms around, constantly innovating to deliver advertisers – and users – a better experience.