Creative Ways to Use Facebook

May 15, 2016

Facebook isn’t just for keeping up with friends. Since the site’s founding, many new ways to use Facebook have been developed for business and brands, as well as for individuals. You may not realise just how useful the site can be for building a personal portfolio and establishing credibility by connecting with followers, customers, and friends. Here are some creative ways to use Facebook to promote your work or create a voice for your company.

Advertise Your Products and Services
Facebook marketing and advertising has provided a huge growth opportunity for businesses and bloggers looking to expand their reach online. The site allows users to pay for ads that target specific audiences based on age, gender, and listed interests. This targeting proves particularly useful because it allows a company to extend its reach to those who are most likely to be interested in its products, services, and posts.

Connect with Customers
It’s easy to connect with customers through Facebook pages. Made to garner “likes” for public figures, local businesses, brands, and websites, Facebook pages also allow “check ins” when a patron is inside an established restaurant, hotel, or store. While individuals usually “check in” to a location to show their friends where they went for drinks or a bite, this action is also instrumental in helping your business get more exposure. What’s more is that when you establish a page, all users who “like” your page will see on their newsfeed the updates and content you post, making your company more visible to your followers and their friends.

Build Your Personal Portfolio
If you’re a photographer or artist, you can build a portfolio of your work on Facebook. Using the site to display your work can be incredibly rewarding because you can invite your friends to “like” your page, which gives them access to all your work. Those friends can then proceed to invite their own friends to be fans of your page, which increases your reach and gets your work viewed by many more people.

Establish and Maintain an Online Presence
Everyone looking to increase their success in a field would do well to establish and maintain an online presence. Facebook can make this possible and easy for anyone with a device and an internet connection. To maintain an online presence that keeps the interest of your followers and customers, it’s important to post consistent, relevant content. Once you’ve established a presence, keep it up by posting content that’s likely to be of interest to your target audience. This can help you establish trust and be seen as a valuable source of information.

Social media sites like Facebook can become instrumental in making your brand, blog, or business stand out from the rest. Using the tools provided by Facebook, any company or individual can do good for their visibility and reach, increasing their popularity and broadcasting their goals to the world.