Data Services.

Our Data and Insights practice has extensive experience in helping customers to manage, visualise and interpret their data. We believe that the core to any successful data engagement is to enable our clients to utilise their data to make better informed, data-driven decisions that deliver business value around valuable client insights.

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Our Services.

Data Engineering

We can support you to achieve your business goals and increase the value of your data by applying an architectural lens to analyse, design and implement your data structures through the utilisation of powerful data engineering tools.

Data Insights & Analytics.

Utilise our expertise to uncover the value of your data to transform and improve the way you do business. At Appscore, we develop efficient solutions that can connect data sources and deliver new insights to ensure that you can make confident, data-driven business decisions.

Our Capabilities.

Our Process

Understanding your context is crucial, including:

  1. Identifying what measurable outcomes you’re trying to achieve through data and insights, and why.
  2. What you currently source, use and where the current gaps are.
  3. Your current data and insights standards, policies and technology landscape.

Developing a plan to achieve the outcomes:

  1. Assess what's been discovered with modern industry perspectives and our extensive experience.
  2. Develop recommendations.
  3. Develop a strategy to ideate, curate and prioritise high level data and/or insights solutions and services.
  4. Develop a roadmap, and business and commercial rationale for the strategy.

Iteratively deliver the outcomes needed – fast.

  1. Agreeing on the data and insights design and helping you deliver those outcomes.
  2. Deploy the initial solution and rapidly iterate from there, adjusting as needs evolve.
  3. Track and promote the achievement of the outcomes.
  4. Utilise what’s been established to benefit other areas of the organisation.


PCYC: Queensland Government.
PCYC: Queensland Government.

As a trusted partner, Appscore was tasked by PCYC to create a web-app to collect, store and visualise data of participants and facilitators of sessions run. The solution uses big data processing to produce customised reports in real-time, instantaneously.

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With thousands of users performing millions of actions within the native apps that Appscore built, Samsung needed a way in which to effectively use the data to enhance further development of the platform. Appscore implemented a data solution to provide reports, analytics and recommendations to allow Samsung to better understand what matters the most to their users.

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