Developed an App? Here’s What Happens Next

July 6, 2016

If you have developed an app, it might be tempting to sit back let the users find you. After all, you’ve poured in hours of technical expertise and design prowess. How could they resist what you have to offer?

The problem is, outside app marketplaces, it’s quite difficult to draw attention to your platform naturally.  Luckily, the marketplaces – like Apple’s App Store and Google Play – give you the space for heaps of images, videos and text descriptions, as well as access to paid ads within the platform.

The problem is, the user has to be in the mood to download in that moment. They have to consciously open the app up and search before they find your masterpiece.

How do you catch them in those moments when they’re not in the App Store?

Get found with a microsite

It’s a simple fact: your app won’t rank on Google without any effort towards doing so, which can make it hard for users to find any trace of it.

To counter this, simply create an online presence for your platform. Draw up a conversion-optimised landing page or microsite that outlines all the benefits of your app and links to the app marketplaces.

Your microsite can be filled with heaps of video content, blog posts and images that establish you as a leader in the field, ultimately convincing people to download your app.

But what exactly is a  microsite or landing page? Generally speaking, these features are a powerful way to pull traffic to your app.

And the benefits aren’t just limited to the site itself:

  • Optimise your app with SEO and take advantage of popular keywords;
  • Link an AdWords campaign that takes the browser straight to your site;
  • Leverage paid social media ads;
  • Collect customer information and email addresses to feed email marketing strategies .

Lead with a problem-solving pitch

Don’t just provide information about the app and its features. Try to outline what problem you’re solving for your target market.  The best apps identify a gap in the marketplace and have developed a solution that will provide the audience what they need.  If you do this, your app will become irresistible.

Create hype ahead of time

Start a Facebook competition and boost the posts. Send out press releases early. Establish yourself as a leader and guest post on some blogs with authority—all of these efforts will create a valuable online presence for your app.

No matter which avenue you take, you have to make sure people know about your app before its even released. Just like you would with any other launch, build a strategy around the release date with the aim of getting people talking.