Educational Resources in the Palm of Your Hand (Literally)

July 29, 2016

These days, more and more educational facilities are starting to take a virtual leaf out of the tech-savvy e-book that so many businesses have been consulting for years now. Apps are becoming more and more popular amongst universities, registered training organisations and trade schools, and why shouldn’t they? The core demographics swarming these facilities are groups of young, technological-literates who have grown up in-sync with the digital boom. They wake up to alarms resonating from their smartphones and go to sleep basking underneath the screen’s artificial glow.

It makes sense, then, that this same audience would want to simplify their educational journeys by keeping the documents and information they need right in the palm of their hands.

Timetable information

It’s pretty rare to find uni students and trade apprentices walking around with a printout of their timetable taped in the back of their diaries. Gen-Yers love the convenience of neatly parcelling up their lives on their smartphones, and to be able to keep a weekly timetable on a digital device is a pretty appealing app to have.

Virtual bookstores

Most books are now available electronically, so it only makes sense to start up virtual bookstores as well. Take the University of California in San Diego, which totally embraced modern technology by developing an app that enables students to look up textbooks by term or section. Other universities have developed apps that function as digital marketplaces for second-hand textbooks and learning resources.

Submitting assessments

While students and apprentices have been able to submit their work online for a few years now, a mobile-friendly portal designed to accept assessments is another step forward. TAFE NSW is one facility that rolled out a mobile study app a few years ago enabling students to instantly upload files as part of assessment, including images, audio recordings and videos. The app was praised for being highly ‘student-driven’.

Campus maps

Just as Google Maps has been a huge help for tourists travelling across new cities, apps for campus maps are becoming increasingly popular for educational facilities. Using real-time navigation, virtual campus maps are ideal for directing new students around unfamiliar territories without the embarrassment of ending up in the wrong lecture theatre or classroom.

Library room booking

Certain educational facilities have recognised the convenience of enabling students to book library rooms while on the go. Students at Swinburne University, for example, can now quickly and easily book rooms to study in or work on group projects, therefore making what can normally be a bit of a hassle a smooth and streamlined task they can do while on the commute to uni.