Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 7

September 8, 2016

Apple launched its latest iPhone model today, adding yet another product to its ongoing chain of digital devices. Available in two versions – the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus – the latest edition of the tech giant’s flagship phone has been reinvented (yet again) with several design changes; some minor, some revolutionary.

Here are the key aspects consumers need to know about the newest member of the Apple family:

It comes with a new processor chip, which is the most powerful yet

Known as the A10 Fusion, the iPhone 7’s newest chip reportedly harnesses a processing power that is 40% faster than the iPhone 6. Basically, the processor is divided into four cores to handle different functions performed by the phone. The result? Longer battery life (an extra two hours, to be precise).

Special casing means the phone is water and dust resistant

The newest iPhone also features a reworked enclosure designed to protect the device against water splashes and dust particles. While Apple warns users that the iPhone 7 isn’t to be considered completely waterproof, the new model is certainly much more resilient.

The built-in camera is now of an even higher quality

Although the iPhone camera already had some pretty spiffy features, Apple has gone and revamped it even further with a series of design changes:

  • 12-megapixel camera
  • Optical image stabilisation
  • Larger aperture for more vibrant colours and better-quality low-light photography
  • Two times optical zoom (7+ models only)
  • Depth-of-field mode to help separate backgrounds from foregrounds (7+ models only; software updates pending)

Users can say bye-bye to the headphone jack

Perhaps the change that has got people talking the most is Apple’s decision to get rid of its universal headphone jack that has featured on all of its predecessors. Instead, users are now presented with the option of plugging their old headphones into an adapter which connects into the phone’s Lightning port, or to embrace the tech-savvy times and invest in a pair of wireless, chargeable earphones known as ‘AirPods’.

The home button is now a pressure-sensitive panel

Similar to the touchpad of the latest Macbook models, Apple has removed its home button and replaced it with a “taptic engine”, designed to respond to vibration on touch. This means enhanced durability, and less trips to your local phone repairs store.

Last but not least: a new colour means a new material

As well as the original hues of rose-gold, gold, silver and classic black, the iPhone 7 also comes in a new shade Apple has dubbed “jet-black”.  How is this different from the classic black we’re used to, you may ask? Well, the exterior of the jet-black model is made from bead-blasted aluminium that has undergone a thorough anodisation and polishing process to create a high-shine finish. Sure, it’s only an aesthetic matter, but it’s still something that users are getting pretty hyped up about.