How Facebook Marketplace is Further Enhancing the Social Network App

October 21, 2016

When it comes to the world of mobile apps, Facebook is up there as one of the most downloaded products in this industry’s short-yet-booming history. As of May this year, the social media giant has cemented itself within the Top 10 Most Popular iOS Apps of All Time, being cited as “the reason why people reach out to their smartphones in the morning – to check what’s new in their Facebook feed”.

But Mr Zuckerberg and his team of innovators have recently gone an extra step further, introducing a brand new feature that has game-changing potential.

It’s called Facebook Marketplace, and it’s bound to give the app an ironclad grasp over that enviable position for quite a while yet.

A marriage between social media and e-Commerce

Basically, the Facebook app has added a function similar to eBay and Gumtree, where users can now buy and sell their goods through the social media platform. All you have to do is post a photo of your item for sale, select the relevant category, give it a description, price and location, and wait for the hungry vendors to come nibbling.

For those looking to purchase second-hand goods, they can either search for a specific item or simply browse the treasure trove of titbits on display.

Herein, the network is incorporating a whole new branch of services. Where it was once a social media platform – albeit a highly successful one – it has now transitioned into the fruitful world of e-Commerce, inviting small traders to locally advertise their products and services. It’s a super-smart move that could reap in plenty of benefits – for both the Facebook brand and its hordes of dedicated users.

How can adding new features to your app result in success?

Introducing a shift as extravagant as this must be approached with caution. While fresh new ideas are certainly encouraged when it comes to tech, if you don’t do it right, you might find yourself regretting your choice to plunge into new waters.

Not convinced? Just look at how quickly the Pokemon Go fad came and went earlier this year. The reason for its sudden stem in popularity and consequential abandonment are multifaceted (which you can read all about here), but at the crux of it is simply poorly-added new features and unwanted refurbishments.

Conversely, Facebook has incorporated its new Marketplace function smoother than Barry White sipping a malt whiskey in a silk dressing gown. How so, you ask? Let’s look at all the app development boxes it has ticked:

  • Paid attention to user-behaviour by acknowledging the number of Facebook buy and sell groups, then turning this into an official feature.
  • Ensured user-satisfaction by sticking to an interface we are already extremely familiar with.
  • Made room to incorporate the new feature by simply replacing the Messenger icon (which is now pretty much obsolete thanks to the creation of the separate Facebook Messenger app).
  • Introduced the latest feature without demanding a fee.

Personally, we reckon Facebook deserves a big fat kudos for the newest app addition, and we can’t wait to see how users flock to the latest digital flea market.