Fast Track Your Ideas: A New Wave Of Rapid Workshopping

July 28, 2016

Technology makes ideas move fast. What seemed like a great idea yesterday might fail to gain traction in the market tomorrow as tastes change and the marketplace adapts.

It’s vital that businesses act upon their ideas – and fast – if they want to see valuable results in such a fluctuating space. After all, the more fast-acting and nimble the company, the better their returns.

Traditionally, ideas were slow to develop and businesses struggled to keep up with market innovation, taking months to create ideas.

At Appscore, we take a different approach. We’re bringing our fast start-up thinking to the consulting game, shaking up the slow moving technology scene and helping businesses create tangible products.  We might be an app development company, but we’re also so much more!

What is rapid workshopping?

We reduce the whole consulting process to its purest form.

In just two high-intensity days, we’ll bring your ideas to life. We’ll emerge from the consultation raring to go and brimming with new ideas to set your plans in motion. Although we won’t emerge with a finished product, the ideas generated here will provide the stepping stones for even bigger and better things.

We fuse market viability testing, user experience design and rigorous quantitative data analysis to create an articulate piece of technology and identify the long-term potential of the application.

What are the benefits?

  • See results sooner: With two days of workshopping, you won’t wait months for development to start.
  • Reduced cost: In these two days, you’ll have access to world-class developers – at a fraction of the cost of slow-moving agencies.
  • Tailored approach: Ours is not one-size-fits-all. Receive personalised consulting that suits your exact business needs.
  • Be relevant: Tap into market trends as they happen.

Rapid workshopping drastically reduces the time-to-market for your idea so you’ll see results even sooner. Significantly reducing your time-to-market, you’ll be able to ride the wave of technological innovations and take them on board before it’s too late.

We won’t focus on the nice-to-haves and the pretty extras. We’ll drill down to the all-important bare bones so your project is structurally sound and fundamentally engaging. Getting the fundamentals right means your vision will flourish quickly, and will last into the long-term.

At Appscore, our stellar team will make your vision come to life. Just ask us how.

To find out more about Appscore’s rapid consulting, contact our app development team.

We are excited to welcome Christian to the consulting team. A talented User Experience designer, he has worked with globally acclaimed brands Loreal and Honda.