How Influencer Marketing Generates Traffic and Excitement

July 13, 2016

Influencer marketing taps into the power social cues have over our choices. Our desire for everything, from food to clothing to homewares to cars, is shaped by what the people around us have. And this is none more potent than on social media, where we are exposed to a whole range of brand messages every day.

It’s a big step away from the advertising-to-the-masses approach that has shaped traditional marketing. And it works.

Why is the power of the social influencer so great?

Attention spans are limited on social media and it has become important to catch people’s attention fast. Influencers have already captured a loyal audience, which you can tap into for your brand. All you have to do is look out for a personality or brand whose audience matches yours.

Many of these influencers started by simply blogging or posting about their passions and gained an excited following this way. Their followers have stuck by them as they’ve been growing their online presence and take the posts and ideas seriously.

Then, companies caught on and began to recognise these marketers as powerful people who could drive brand traffic exponentially.

Success stories

Bellabox is one company that has noticed the huge success of influencer marketing and swung it to their advantage. The beauty subscription box company pays prominent influencers anywhere up to $5000 to write a blog post about their product. To some businesses, this may seem a hefty investment, but Bellabox sees great returns.

“If influencers have a proven track record and we know we can get a lot of acquisition from their posts, then we look into compensating them,” CEO of Bellabox, Sarah Hamilton, told the Sydney Morning Herald.

The sum is also a lot cheaper than the traditional forms of mass advertising.

And it has another advantage; Bellabox’s message is broadcast directly to consumers who care. Unlike with mass marketing – where only a fraction of the audience is interested – influencer marketing helps brands advertise to those who are in a position to buy. It truly does present more value for money.

How can all businesses utilise influencer marketing?

Instagram is the perfect place to capture a new audience, but YouTube has proven results too. We’ve seen that the more visual the marketing is, the more impactful it can be for driving interest about a brand or their products. The key is in finding the right accounts.

Just like you should use customer profiles to determine who your ideal audience is, you should also work out ahead of time who would be your best choice for influencer. Look at how relevant they are to your brand. The more relevant they are, the more authentic the partnership and the more their audience will flock to your products.

And, instead of checking the number of followers someone has, check what their engagement rate is. Maybe they have a relatively low number of super-dedicated followers. If they have a high number of followers but no one cares about their posts, this is a sure sign that your influencer marketing dollars are falling on deaf