iOS 10 is Almost Here: What Features does Apple Have Ready for Us?

June 17, 2016

Apple’s new iPhone operating system is almost here and, when it launches, users will have a whole host of new features to play with. The software has some exciting things in store. Here are just a few of them.

Apple is opening up Siri to everyone

Your iPhone is about to become more useful, with WhatsApp and Slack among the apps on the cards to integrate Siri.

Apple’s voice-activated assistant is a clever piece of technology and its becoming even better at understanding what we have to say. Beyond organising our calendars and quickly checking the weather though, the tool has limited applications.

Up until now, only Apple has been able to use Siri in their applications. Anyone else who wanted to develop a voice-activated system was forced to write their own code from scratch. It also meant that, if a consumer wanted to use their voice – say, to control their phone’s GPS while driving – they were locked into Apple’s own apps.

Upon the release of iOS 10, though, even third-party app developers will be able to use Siri in their own apps, meaning the power of Siri is about to get a whole lot bigger. Now that Apple has released the software development kit, more developers will be able to harness its power and create a more engaging user experience for their audience.

3D Touch makes your iPhone’s sensors that bit more sensitive

iPhone’s touch sensors have, in previous software updates, only allowed touch on the screen itself. This means that you can swipe up and down, left and right, or use pinch and flick gestures to control certain parts of your phone.

Now, Apple is extending the plane of your touch upwards, meaning you won’t be restricted to just the horizontal.

By integrating vertical touch, Apple will make productivity a whole lot easier. In your mail app, you’ll be able to open previews of a message by pressing lightly then, if the message seems important, you can press a bit harder and it will open up in full. Similarly, if a friend sends you a link, you can preview the contents right in your messaging app before moving into the browser to read the full article. You could peek at a map from the address your boss just sent, so you can quickly glance at what part of town your meeting is in. The possibilities are endless – but what it really means is a lot of saved movements and a much quicker experience overall.

Smarter photo management

If you’re anything like the typical iPhone user, you’ll have a build-up of photos in your folder, with no way of sorting through them. Whether you’ve captured a screenshot of a map or you want to show your friend a photo of your child, you need a way to flick through the pictures quickly and find the one you want.

With iOS 10, Apple is introducing auto-sort features that categorise your photos by faces, objects, dates and places. While they already have a feature to sort your screenshots from your camera photos, this will help you organise your images a lot more cleanly and efficiently than ever before.

With a lot more features planned for the update – due out in Australia’s springtime – we’re excited to see what Apple has in store for us!