iOS 10 Has Lifted the Bar in Mobile Interface

September 16, 2016

The launch of iOS 10 has taken Apple’s mobile browsing experience to a whole new level. In previous iterations of the mobile operating system, the tech giant has hinted at the stellar design, intelligent technology and advanced security features that it had in store. Now, iPhone users are being treated to the best of the best, with some pretty nifty features that make iOS 10 the best operating system yet.

Siri has gotten an update

Siri has become a lot more advanced, able to handle a lot more complex tasks with ease.

Everyone’s favourite virtual assistant is also launching on Mac, meaning you’ll be able to multi-task and switch between devices with ease.

Your lock screen experience is a lot more streamlined

One of the main complaints with the previous lock screens is that it’s just too slow to open. Now, Apple has introduced the coveted ‘raise to wake’ feature so you can lift your phone and open it to the home screen in one swift move.

The lock screen also gives you a lot more options than before. Previously, we could swipe on a notification and go directly to the app. Now, you can reply to messages and accept invitations all from the lock screen itself. It’s a real time-saving device that could come in handy.

More time-saving features: Type messages a whole lot quicker

In previous versions, iOS had a cumbersome QuickType feature that purportedly would predict what you were about to say by offering a few options for what word you might type next. This feature always felt a bit unnecessary; as it was so out of the ordinary from the way we’re used to typing, people simply didn’t adapt to it.

Now, QuickType is getting a lot better at predicting what you have to say. By integrating with other apps, the feature can streamline your life and use artificial intelligence to make your communication quicker and easier.

Find your way with new-and-improved Apple Maps

Gone are the days battling against the elements to find your way anywhere – the all-new Apple Maps lets you plan your trip ahead, explore points of interest and pan and zoom to find your way around. The new features add a touch of much-needed interactivity to the Maps interface.

The newly released iOS 10 has a whole lot more in store, including updated photos app and Apple music.