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Everything You Need to Know About Apple’s New Products: Part 2

September 19, 2017

Following yesterday’s post on Apple’s most recent press conference, which touched on the release of the Apple Watch 3 and the Apple TV 4K, let’s now get stuck into the main event: the long-awaited iPhone. The iPhone has become more than just a phone; it’s now a key feature in the lives of many across the world. It is used daily by millions of people, and has largely shaped the way we connect with others. Its immersive nature started with a touchscreen, allowing users to control the use of the software with a scroll, tap or pinch of the fingers. As such, the iPhone has been the stepping stone for many off-branches of technology.

The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

Now, Apple is bringing out some of the most powerful and innovative devices it has ever created: the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.


The first elements spoken about by Senior Vice President of Apple, Phil Schiller, were the overall changes in appearance for the phone, including:

  • Colours in ‘Space Grey’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Rose Gold’
  • Aerospace-grade aluminium
  • Glass on both the front and back, which is reinforced with seven-layer colour process
  • 50% deeper strengthening layer and steel reinforcement, making it the most durable glass in a smartphone
  • Microscopically sealed towards water and resistant to dust (however, not waterproof)
  • Colour accuracy, cinema-wide colour scale, 3D touch, true tone display which adapts the colour, temperature and intensity to the ambient light around us
  • New speakers, which are 25% louder and have a deeper base
  • A new chip called A11 Bionic, which is said to be the most powerful chip ever placed in a smartphone. Amongst many faster features compared to its older model, the chip also has improved pixel processing, multiband noise reduction and faster low-light focus.


With any iPhone, one of the most prized featured across users is the camera capabilities. The iPhone 7 was ground-breaking in its photography, shaping the way that people engaged and documented the world around them. The iPhone 8 is said to overtake the quality of pictures from its predecessor, with a 12-mega pixel camera, higher quality sensors which are larger and faster, deeper pixels, new colour filters, larger apertures and optical image stabilisation.

In terms of video, Apple boasts that this version of the iPhone has the “highest quality video capture ever in a smart phone”. To achieve this, the phone has a better video encoder, which leads to faster frame rates and real-time image and motion analysis, which optimises the content as it is being shot.

Augmented Reality

Another way the camera can be used is with augmented reality; an advancement that will see the iPhone camera as the first of its kind manufactured towards this application. For this, the cameras are specifically calibrated towards AR using higher levels of functionality than ever seen before.


Apple once said that “the future is wireless” — something they have worked up to with the iPhone 8. The tech giant introduced wireless headphones early in 2016, and now they are introducing a wireless charger. This will not only be provided to customers to buy, but will also be offered in a range of restaurants and vehicles.

However, Apple isn’t stopping there.

iPhone X

The ‘all-screen’ iPhone was the last little surprise in the product announcement. It carries many of the same features of the iPhone 8; however, the display itself is ‘Super Retina Display’, with more pixels leading to a higher resolution.

The addition is one of the most advanced products ever created by Apple, and is ready to change the user experience and propel technology into a new and exciting area. It is the first phone with no home button, which has led to a newer design of a swipe-up system.

So, how does this work with unlocking your secure phone?

Face ID

Your iPhone X will be able to recognise your face, and from there unlock your iPhone. For this, Apple had to develop the ‘true depth camera system’, detailed below:

apple pic 1


This is all topped off with an A11 neural engine, which identifies the algorithms behind face recognition. This incredible technology is also able to read any attempts made by others to unlock your phone, so that it will not recognise any picture of your face or any masks of your face (if people really go that far to get into your phone).

The A11 chip protects the face data in a secure enclave and requires your attention and unique facial qualities to read and unlock your phone.

With Touch ID, there is a 1 in 50,000 chance that someone will be able to touch unlock your iPhone. With Face ID, those chances are now 1 in a million. It will be interesting to see how this works with identical twins; a topic that is sure to be circulating the internet once the phone is released.


The Face ID has gone one step further, allowing users to create Animoji: an emoji that you can create and control with your face.

apple pic 2


Much like the iPhone 8, the camera of the iPhone X is already set to be advanced.

It has all the same features, such as 12-megapixel dual cameras, faster and larger sensors, higher colour filtrations and bigger apertures. However, it also has some never-before-seen features:

  • Dual optical image stabilisation
  • Better low-light zoom capabilities
  • Improved stabilisation for videos
  • Quad LED true tone flash, with better uniformity of light
  • Selfie photos are higher quality because of the true tone technology

Battery and Wireless

The battery also lasts two hours longer than the iPhone 7. Much like the iPhone 8, the charging is wireless, but the iPhone X has led to a new design for the pad charger, whereby numerous products can be placed on the mat to charge all at once. This is Air Power.

Summarising the iPhone X

apple pic 3

The iPhone X is also a highly recyclable phone, which Phil Schiller says is one of the pride points of the product.

The phone is set to come out later than the other products, hitting the shelves from November 3rd.

What’s the Going Price?

  • iPhone 8 in 64 GB: 1,079 AUD
  • iPhone 8 in 256 GB: 1,329 AUD
  • iPhone 8 Plus in 64GB: 1,229 AUD
  • iPhone 8 Plus in 256 GB: 1,479 AUD
  • iPhone X in 64 GB: 1,579 AUD
  • iPhone X in 256 GB: 1,829 AUD