Alex Louey

14 July 2016

Keep It Professional – Why Sites Developed By Experts Are Best

Developing a website can be a daunting task, we know. The high cost of production can be prohibitive for some small businesses, and business owners who aren’t so tech-savvy may shy away from the thought of talking to a developer. After all, with all their speak of PHP and JavaScript, does anyone really know what they’re saying?

As a result, people turn to the free DIY website software to try and knock together a cheaper version. The simplicity of tools like Wix and Squarespace means many feel at ease creating their own web presence.

These platforms aren’t all they’re cracked up to be though, and there are instances when you just can’t get away with attempting your own development. Here are a few reasons why a professionally developed site outshines any at-home website.

Your professional website will convert customers

From careful calls to action and user interface, to a well-integrated sales funnel, your business website will have everything you need to turn website traffic into customers.

A professional developer will be able to create the ideal website for your target customer. They’ve been training for years in all things user experience and are able to construct a great experience for your users. This makes it even more likely they’ll sail through your site seamlessly.

They’ll be able to fix any bugs

If someone develops their own site, who do they turn to if something goes wrong? Sure, the free platforms often provide access to a round-the-clock support team to answer questions, but these are simplistic at best.

Rather than trying to fix the problem yourself – which, let’s face it, can be difficult at the best of times – save yourself the headaches and invest in a developer. They’re able to iron out any problems – and prevent mistakes before they even happen.

They’ll be able to make everything visually stunning

When your users land on your site, the thing that will keep them around is an attractive design and beautiful images. Amateur developers may be able to upload photos from their iPhone, but they may lack the precise editing skills needed to elevate the quality of a website.

Your developer will optimise your site

To make your website SEO-friendly, you require a robust back-end, which will make your site run faster and load more efficiently. Sure, there are some SEO tricks you can do yourself – such as optimising content with keywords – but the majority of the coding that will make your website rank lives in the foundations of the site. What’s more, it requires a lot of expertise to access it.

Instead of taking the cheap and easy method of using a drag-and-drop website editor, invest in a full-stack developer who can make your website something special. As well as making it look visually appealing, they’ll construct a perfect pathway that will lead to more sales. They’ll also work on the backend of the site to make it stronger for SEO purposes – leading to more traffic in the future.

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