Trish O'Loughlin

27 February 2017

The Latest Dating App Pairs Up Like-Minded Haters, and it is Pure Innovation

There’s no denying that Tinder and Happn have monopolised the digital dating scene, but a unique new mobile app has recently rolled out and it’s got one big quirky difference.

Hater Dater provides users with more than 3,000 juicy topics to express their hatred upon, connecting them with other users who share similar dislikes. Spend endless nights chatting about your immeasurable distaste for cargo pants, trigger each other’s lifelong frustration at slow walkers, share your fiery abhorrence against selfies, or discuss the smorgasbord of ways Trump’s philosophies clash with your personal beliefs.

Accompanied with the tagline: “Meet someone who hates the same stuff”, Hater is a playful take on the traditional dating app, yet the crux of it remains the same: users swipe left and right on potential suitors, and if matched, can then privately chat with them in the app.

The genius of Hater, however, is that it harnesses the personality-focused fibres that turned websites like eHarmony and OkCupid into popular platforms, paired with the convenience of mobile apps. In a society that increasingly prefers to perform as many tasks as possible via their smartphones – including meeting their one true soulmate – Hater is virtually a match made in digital heaven.

Where did the idea originate?

Hater is the product of Brendan Alper, a banker-turned-comedy writer. Alper first came up with the idea after reading a 2006 study that reported people who dislike the same things form closer bonds with one another. This planted the seed to create a sketch about a dating app that matches potential partners based on mutual hatreds. However, Alper soon realised there was real value in turning his comedic idea into an actual product, and he got to work creating a brand new app that’s now garnering tidal waves of attention.

Hater has already amassed approximately 200,000 users across the globe

In a world prickled with ironclad opinions and passionate assertion, the app has rapidly soared to popularity. In fact, in just over a month since its release, Hater has already clambered the ranks to become the number-one lifestyle app in Germany and is fast cementing its position as a significant rival of Tinder.

There’s nothing like disrupting the system to pique society’s interests

People are falling head-over-heels for Hater because it draws on one of the most uniting forces of humanity – one that hasn’t been capitalised by any other mobile app to date (pun wholeheartedly intended). While shared interests are an important part of a relationship, the opportunity to trend-bash in unison with your significant other can be the ultimate make-or-break. Mutual hatreds allow you to spend hours deconstructing every layer of your despised topic, providing limitless conversational triggers that will continually align your kindred spirits.

Put simply, Hater taps into the truth of human nature, stripping away the floaty mirage of romanticism and focussing on what really connects two people.

And, being “the first dating app that matches people on things they hate”, Hater proves that innovation lies everywhere, ripe to be plucked and turned into a widely-profitable marketing opportunity.

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