How Live Chat Increases Experience and Drives Sales

July 4, 2016

It’s midnight and your customer can’t get to sleep. Rather than tossing and turning, they impulsively grab for their phone.

As they’re scrolling through their News Feed, they come across an ad for your ecommerce store. Last week, you boosted your post and customers started clicking through.

But they have some questions they want answered before they commit to a purchase. Being midnight, they won’t be able to call you up and they’re not committed enough to send an email – this requires too many actions. You’re not around to answer their questions—somehow you have to ensure you don’t lose the sale.

That’s where a live chat agent comes in. If there is one thing you decide to do for your customers’ user experience, this is it.

In real time, your live chat agent will speak to the customer in instant message format, directly on your website. They’ll provide your users with all the information they need and ensure the biggest chance of your leads converting into customers – even if you’re not around.

All you have to do is install the code on your site and train the agent in the core aspects of your business. They’ll act as a perfect customer service representative, answering questions on your behalf and driving your leads to convert.

Why do live chat widgets work wonders?


If you didn’t have a chat service on your site, the user browsing your site at midnight won’t have anyone to answer their questions, and may click away before the sale is completed. Your lead, who could have otherwise converted into a sale, now has good reason to purchase from you. At the very least, if they don’t finish the payment that night, they’ll leave their contact details behind so they will remember you in the morning.

Customer service

Your online customer service agent, while not a member of your company, will provide on-brand service. They’ll give your customer a level of personalisation that a flat website simply can’t, and will help them find the required information instantly without having to scroll through pages of text.

Establish a relationship with your customer and they’ll be likely to buy. They’ll be happy, as they get to speak to a real person, and you’ll most likely get the sale.

User experience

Even if it’s not the middle of the night, your customers will appreciate how fool-proof it is to contact you. They won’t have to search around for a phone number, or fumble with a contact form. The chat function will be right there before their eyes.

After all, a great UX turns even the most passive browser into a passionate supporter.