Alexandra Karaoutsadis

8 June 2017

Local SEO – Everything You Need to Know and Include

Arguably one of the most important benefits of the internet is the ability to communicate on a worldwide scale. People everywhere can access products and have it shipped right to their door within 2 weeks. We can talk, trade news and information, pictures and events within an instant.

Not just beneficial for big, multinational companies, the internet has given smaller businesses the ability to narrow in the local market and discover customers that were otherwise not known. This is through a process called Local SEO, which finds people locally to your businesses geographical location and widens your customer pool.

With access to people near your business, you can get to know your local market and better narrow down your advertising techniques. More than that, it allows you to personalise your campaigns and expand your business efforts.

Discovering those around your business may be essential to its expansion. There are many ways for local business owners to get in touch with locals in the area and discover new ways to communicate with them.

Optimised Content

Google has changed the way that people everywhere access information. By simply using keywords and phrases typed into a search bar, results are gathered and provided to users in seconds. Information is now available at the click of a button, and working your website keeping this process in mind can have the greatest effect for your company.

By optimising your website content, you can have keywords spread naturally throughout which Google responds to. This will not only influence your ranking in search results, but can also impact the locality of your site traffic. By including things such as geographical locations nearby to your business, your specific product/service, and phrases that people will search for in Google, you are more likely to perform higher in natural SEO results. Optimised content is a necessity if you want to access a wider and stronger consumer base.

Mobile Compatibility

There is also the need to understand the way that people gather their information, and change your website to include this. Given that mobile technology is now the prime way that people gather information and communicate, it is essential that your website is optimised accordingly. The way in which we use mobiles is expanding, especially as we move from simple Google searches into maps, apps, music and more.

Mobiles are the convenient way to gather information, which is why they have surpassed laptop and desktop searches. Their ability to carry out multiple functions has influenced the landscape of B2C relations. Ensure that you are able to engage with an audience that is nearby and in need of your business through ensuring your website is functional across mobiles and desktops alike.

Voice Searching

This capability is furthering the way that people search for information. Voice searching is the process of a microphone picking up your keywords as you speak them and relaying that back into a search functionality. This can be seen in several apps, such as Siri, Cortana and Google Voice.

More than being mobile compatible, businesses are adapting their products to accommodate for voice searches. This differs from your usual SEO keyword phrases, in that the keyword phrases for voice may be longer, question phrases, and more conversational. A good way to test what type of phrases may be appropriate is by asking those around you to search for your site using this capability, and jotting down the way they pose their given voice search.

By including search-friendly keywords and phrases for voice within your content and website, you are furthering the ability for customers to access your information and services, and widening your overall SEO strategies.

Customer Experience

One of the biggest ways to heighten the way your local SEO performs is by focussing on the experience of your users. Creating a pleasant experience from start to finish will greatly influence a visitor turning into a lead or consumer. By producing a perfect landing page, including well-written content, highlighting key contact information and conveying why you are industry leading in the local area, you will ensure that the visitor has the time to get to know and trust your products and services.

More than that, having easy navigation and responsive content can greatly influence the way that you are viewed as you appear more reliable. It’s in your best interests to ensure that you make a good impression on your customers. Cater yourself towards the local market firstly, and engage with them in ways that only locals can.

Localising your SEO

There are great benefits to localising your SEO campaigns. Not only does it draw in a more centred audience, but it allows you the ability to engage and expand with members of your community.

More than who you target, changes to your site can offer great benefits in terms of rankings and reliability for your users. Changing the way your content is visible through mobile and voice compatible content, improving the delivery of your content to a local audience, or making the site visit more enjoyable for viewers can influence the site and business performance.

Start local today and see how your business thrives.

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